Cheap car insurance for women is about to become harder to find.Traditionally, car insurance premiums have been cheaper for females than for males. You could say that this is sex discrimination, and according to new legislation coming in at the end of 2012 you would be right. This new legislation will require insurance companies to equalise premium charges for men and women. Any men reading this article, please don’t start rubbing your hands in glee at the prospect of cheaper insurance because that is unlikely happen. What will happen is that insurance premiums for women will go up.

Why Was Car Insurance Cheaper for Women?

In reality this has nothing to do with sex discrimination. It is purely a matter of statistics. Women are less likely to be involved in an accident than men and therefore present less of a risk to the insurance companies. In turn, the insurance companies acknowledged this with the cheaper premiums that are just about to come to an end.

How to Find Cheaper Car Insurance for Women

In light of the fact that insurance premiums for women are about to go up, searching for a cheaper quote becomes even more important. There are many things that the individual they are getting the best price possible and here are 10 measures that women might employ to get cheap car insurance

  1. Use a comparison website to compare 100s of insurance companies and find the best quote. Some of the comparison websites have been able to save users over £400 per year by comparing a large number insurance companies to deliver the best available price
  2. Downgrade the level of cover to secure a cheaper price. Whilst this is not an ideal option, especially if you cannot afford to replace your car should it be damaged in an accident, it is a way of getting insurance premiums down. Be careful though because the price gap between third party policies and fully comprehensive, has got smaller and smaller over recent years.
  3. Change the car for one that is in the lowest insurance group. The new insurance groups consist of group 1 through to 50. Group 1 is the cheapest and group 50 the most expensive. There are currently 26 cars listed in group 1. Changing to one of them will give you access to the cheapest insurance premiums.
  4. Do not use automatic renewal, shop around for the best prices and haggle with your insurance company. The AA reports that over half of Britons do not shop around for a cheaper quote. Insurance companies often charge 20% more for renewals than for new customers taking out an equivalent policy.
  5. Fit a Thatcham Approved alarm system
  6. Keep your car off-road on private property and if possible in a garage
  7. Agree to a mileage restriction or to pay a higher excess fee (your contribution to damage repair costs)
  8. Take an extra driving course like Pass Plus
  9. Protect your no claims bonus so that should you need to make a claim, your renewal the following year will not include loss of no claims discount
  10. Do not add young or inexperienced drivers to your policy

These are some of the measures that women can take to lessen the blow of the increase in premiums that are just about to come in as a result of sex discrimination legislation.