The ever increasing drain that energy prices put on the average household income has prompted many people to search for cheap electricity and gas. If you immediately dismiss the notion that cheap energy exists then you are probably right. However, what many people do not realise is that there is such a thing as cheaper electricity and gas and making sure that you have the best price available is not that hard. So how do you go about making sure that your per unit cost for energy is the lowest available?

Investigate Tariffs.

There are so many different tariffs and variations available that it is not very easy  to determine whether the tariff you are on is the one that will deliver the best savings for you. In spite of how complex energy price tariffs appear on the surface there are some simple pointers to help you determine the one that is most appropriate for you.

  • If you can show that your energy costs equate to at least 10% of your household income, energy companies are required to offer you their cheapest rate. This is known as the Social Tariff
  • Using prepaid meters is a convenient way of making sure that your energy costs do not spiral out of control. What you should know is that the Prepaid Tariff is one of the most expensive.
  • Obtaining your gas and electricity from the same supplier often simplifies the process for you and also attracts a discount from the supplier. This is known as the Duel Fuel Tariff.
  • If you opt to manage your account completely online this represents a saving in administration costs. Some of these savings are passed on to you in the form of cheaper prices. This is known as the Online Tariff.
  • If it is feasible that you can use more than 55% of your energy consumption at night time by carrying out tasks that require high energy consumption such as clothes and dishwashing then, it is likely that the Economy 7 or Economy !0 Tariffs can save you money.

Consider How You Pay

As we have already mentioned, people who prepay for their energy consumption are put on one of the highest per unit costs. Often, paying by direct debit or debit card attracts a cheaper rate than paying by cash or cheque.

Switch Energy Companies

It is now easier than ever before to compare the various pricing and tariff options offered by the licensed suppliers. Going online and finding an energy comparison website is the simplest and most convenient way of doing this. Their pricing data is the latest available from the suppliers and what they offer is a simple online interface where you enter your postcode, your payment method and your desired tariff into the interface and it calculates and returns the energy company that can give you the best deal. This is a free service and you will find plenty of advice and guidance on these websites to put all of the information you need at your fingertips.

Having researched the best tariff, and payment method as well as the cheapest supplier, without even leaving the website, you can begin the process of switching to the supplier you have identified in your search for cheap electricity and gas.


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