A safe choice for a pickup from Chevrolet would definitely be the recent Colorado model. This truck provides a year's worth of diagnostics services, a hundred thousand mile warranty, and three hundred horsepower. This is all available at the lowest price point currently offered for recent Chevrolet models, insuring that you don't have to spend a lot for a reliable vehicle that will be around for a long time.

It's not the least expensive modern truck, it's not the most fuel-efficient, but it's definitely one of the roomiest. The Silverado 1500, a 2010 model, offers a fairly economical price for a cargo capacity that will satisfy almost anyone's needs. It also has a respectable horsepower of three hundred fifteen to help it haul those larger loads. If you need the space, you won't find a roomy Chevy truck for cheaper.

The 2500HD Silverado, unlike its 1500 cousin model, offers some of the best horsepower on the market. While the price isn't the cheapest, the vehicle justifies its expense with numerous advantages that help to further its use in the niche of hauling heavy loads. Automatically downshifting brakes on downward inclines are just one of the many little features that try to make the whole hauling experience easier for the driver.

A truck like the Silverado 3500HD is something with a design broad enough to be used for a multitude of things. You may have reason to want to have plenty of passengers while you haul loads, or you may want something you can use for work and then take home to the family. This model is extremely well suited for such needs, with spacious cargo capacity, good horsepower, and the ability to seat up to four passengers along with the driver. The only major drawback is the price being on the higher side to account for all these features.

One would expect excellent efficiency of fuel use in any hybrid, the Silverado Hybrid doesn't disappoint in that area. Where it does disappoint, given the price, is in its cargo space. However, it makes up for this with seating for five and well over three hundred horsepower, making it an otherwise well-rounded **Chevy pickup truck**.

If you have toolkits or other relatively smaller items that would benefit from being kept out of sight, the Avalanche offers a highly sophisticated trunk storage system. It also has good horsepower and can seat five, but its lower forty-five cubic feet of back storage makes it less useful for some purposes. If the trunk matters to you, though, this model is one of the current best in the industry in that area.

Remember that as with most vehicle warranties, truck warranties from Chevy have durations calculated in two ways. The first is by miles driven. If you drive commonly for long distances, pay attention to the miles maximum on the warranty. If you drive less, look closer at the amount of time listed before it expires. Know your own truck driving habits to know the best warranty for you.

Various aspects of a truck, such as **Chevy truck wheels**, the interior seating, or the safety features can often be substituted or altered slightly. Getting a custom truck instead of a standard one will cost a little more, but it's often the most direct way to acquire a vehicle with the proper needed features. Not every model will have every option; for instance, many 2010 models of trucks by Chevrolet lack a leather seating option.