The Sears scratch and dent warehouse is a really great place to buy your next appliance. You can save hundreds of dollars or more on your next appliance purchase. Don't be fooled , you really can get high quality items, with almost unnoticeable damage, making it a great way to save money, without looking like you bought a used item. Since the appliances and other items available are of high quality, you know you will be getting a trusted name brand that will last a long time. Let's talk a bit more about the Sears scratch and dent warehouse.

Where are they?

To find the Sears scratch and dent warehouse near you, all you really need to do is search for the outlet stores. These are actually the place to go to find the great deals on slightly damaged appliances, tables, tools, and other household goods. You will find no shortage of possibilities, or items for sale at the Sears scratch and dent warehouse in your area. To find the locations near you, log on to the company's main website, You will be on your way to saving some serious money at the outlet stores.

On the main page of the site listed above, you will need to scroll all the way down to the bottom to find the Sears scratch and dent warehouse locations near you. At the bottom, you will see a customer service link. This is the one you want to select. When you hover over that section, you will see a pop up. Select the store locator option and you will be very close to locating the Sears scratch and dent warehouse near you.

On the new page you have several options to narrow your search, so you can find the Sears scratch and dent warehouse and outlet in your area. Enter the appropriate zip code or city information. Before you search, be sure to look just to the right. You will see another way to narrow your search for Sears scratch and dent warehouse locations. Choose the appliance outlet store option by checking the box. You may need to adjust the number of miles you are willing to travel. The site uses a 30 mile radius as the default setting. If you live in a small town, you may need to be willing to drive a little farther to the Sears scratch and dent warehouse and outlet store in your area.

Once you've made your selection, you will be routed to a new screen. On the screen, you will see the stores and outlets in your area. You can get directions and contact information, including phone number, for the Sears scratch and dent warehouse you wish to visit. This information can come in quite handy.

What items are for sale?

The Sears scratch and dent warehouse and outlet stores will carry appliances with slight damage. In addition to appliances, you can find other household items. In fact, you can find just about anything sold at the regular stores, since this is where the slightly marred items are shipped off to. They sell major name brands.

To see if the Sears scratch and dent warehouse has a specific item, use the contact information listed above to give them a phone call. You will find someone that is more than willing to help you out. While you have them on the phone, try to see if they have a website you can view. Not all of the outlet stores are owned by the franchise. Like many other national businesses, there are some that are owned by private individuals and companies. You may be able to see what the Sears scratch and dent warehouse has up for sale online, before you travel to the outlet stores. This way, you can save some time and money.

How big are the discounts?

When you go to the Sears scratch and dent warehouse, you will notice that many items are discounted quite deeply. Generally speaking, you will get a steeper discount at the outlet store if the appliance, or other item, falls into a few basic categories.

More damage: Sears scratch and dent warehouses will adjust their prices to reflect how much damage there is on the specific item. This means that more noticeable damage will command a great discount. Check out the stores, you are sure to find some great deals, even on the items with little damage.

Noncurrent: As the new models come in, the prices on the noncurrent items at the Sears scratch and dent warehouse tend to drop. This makes perfect sense. It works just as it would in any other outlet store. Make room for the new, by unloading the old items at greatly reduced prices.

Popularity: Items that are wildly popular may not have nearly as steep of discounts at the Sears scratch and dent warehouse. This is common business practice that virtually all companies use. If you want the newest, hottest items, you may not receive quite as steep of a discount at the outlet center.

It's too far away:

There is still some hope, even if the Sears scratch and dent warehouse is too far away for you to drive. You can actually buy the slightly damaged and marred appliances online, using the site above. You will have fewer options, but you still have a chance to save some real money.

In some instances, you can call any local store to see what they have. If you have a small appliance store in your area, you can call to see if they have and scratch and dent items, rather than driving for hours to the Sears warehouse. This will save you some time and money, and hopefully allow you to still get a great deal.

Make a phone call and find out if the store has exactly what you are looking for. Even if the Sears scratch and dent warehouse is quite far away, the savings may make it worth the trip. You really can save a ton of money when you shop at the Sears scratch and dent warehouse for appliances, other great household items, including tools. Good luck on the search. You will save a lot of money.