When we The Calmthink about The Season for Peace, we think about the next few weeks and the gathering of family and friends for the celebration of the Lord's birthday; Christmas, for some of us. For others there are other days of the same feelings and joys. We forget our troubles for a season and renew our commitments to family and God and reminisce about the past and gain new hope for the future. It is a Season of Peace in our lives.

My thoughts can't help but think if only we could conquer the rest of the days of the year and somehow find The Season of Peace and be just as contented, just as untroubled and relaxed as we are at this time. Oh, I know that we have no control over the unknown and cannot dictate what happens in our life....don't take me wrong. But, only if we could live in this state of composure, reserve and harmony the other 364 days of the year our life would be so much the better for it.

Peace is something we as humans crave, I believe. It is something we reach for sometimes without receiving. We look for a tranquil place to hide sometimes, a place of rest and a place of no clutter of the mind or soul. We want to feel the feeling of serenity more than we do and we don't even know why we do not most of the time, but with life's everyday lessons, peace is sometimes a far cry away.

With our nation in trouble and seemingly the world, it makes us uneasy about life in general. The normal feelings of security, contentment and repose of our once relaxed nation no longer exist since we saw the infliction of evil on 9/11. We have our sons and daughters fighting for Peace in a place that has never known Peace and we wonder how they can make a distressed nation a calm one in such a short time.

We desire peace in our job, in our home, in our thoughts and our soul. I have heard it said that Peace is a state of mind...and I think that it is partly true. We have outside conflict that we have no control over but if we try to feel the joys that we feel at Christmas, Easter, and even the 4th of July...it can bring us a calm, serene place to be. We have storms, but there is Peace in the midst of the storms of our life, for those who know how to search their heart to fine it. Discouragement is a state of being in battle with outside forces, which we all encounter. Thank goodness, it does not last forever and we renew our thoughts, our heart and we see Peace of the Season again.

To stay fit human beings, it seems that we must join forces with our spirit to find Peace of all Seasons, somehow. Peace in the simple things of life, not just the big events or big Holidays. We always have something to be at Peace about, really. It is hard, I am sure to lose someone you love, someone whom you were close to and they are no longer there, but we have to believe and know that all things happen for a reason and we all will have a time when we must leave. I have found that sometimes when I am holding a grudge, I am not as happy and contented or peaceful as I should be. I get frustrated easy and become sad, I have not done what is required of me to do and that is I have not forgiven someone I should have. To be forgiven we must forgive and when we are forgiven, we become free and feel the Season of Peace It is a must for our wellbeing. I hope that this Nation will again feel the Peace that we once felt, I wish that the rest of the world could know what it feels like to be rid of all the hostility they feel toward America. It seems that so much of our Peace and freedom is slipping away but if we the people keep our positive reactions alive and well to things that are not American, I believe we will all have more of the Season of Peace again.