Bill of Rights

The US Bill of Rights

During these troubling times as Americans we are all trying to make sense of the horrific actions of some disturbed people. We ask ourselves things like why do we even need guns. Or should we add more guns to protect our law-abiding citizens or our children when they leave home simply to go to school. A place we have always though of as a safe haven.

This debate will go on for years but the fact is no one is going to change one of your 27 Rights under the Constitution. That's because that while we have good intentions. We learned that the day after the recent shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Connecticut was another tragedy. Outside a school in China 22 children in kindergarten  were stabbed. No gun,no assault riffle and yet a similar incident. Add to that the statistics which include the amount of children killed in the United States by automobile accidents. literally its hundreds a day. So before we start changing the US Constitution lets explore our top priorities first. Deaths coming from reactions to  immunizations. Deaths coming from prescription medication reactions. Deaths from suicides Let me do something that simplifies this I will add the statistics.

Cause Annually To Date
Tobacco: 529,000 513,781
Medical Errors: 195,000 189,390
Alcohol Abuse: 107,400 104,310
Vehicle Accidents: 42,000 40,792
Suicide: 29,350 28,506
Drug Abuse: 25,500 24,766
Firearm Homicide: 10,828 10,516

 Those are the 2012 statistics for the United States. Though as you can see the year is not over.

Now after seeing these national statistics the next question is obvious. Where should we start. While every life is precious and it's horrific to hear about children the facts speak for themselves. If you take the lowest of the un-natural causes of deaths which is firearms and break that number down to Firearm Deaths with unregistered guns. Well its fewer then 50%. The fact is while awful it's on the bottom of the list of unnatural deaths in US.

The very next question you would want to still ask is why do we have this need or right to own a gun. The answer will surprise you. It has nothing to do with self-defense. It is written into law and has already proven effective during World War 2. Admiral Yamamoto of the Japanese Imperial navy publicly stated the reason the Japanese did not invade the US was because the citizens were armed. His exact words after translation. If we invade the US. We will find a gun behind every blade of grass. So the founders had that aspect in mind when making this amendment. The second reason is also not what you might think. Americans have the Right to bear arms to protect themselves against the government. So when you ask yourself why do we need assault rifles remember just 70 years ago not 300 years ago.  That right saved the US from a massive invasion by the Japanese.

Couple the current debate to the statistics on how Americans die from unnatural deaths. Your starting at the very bottom of the list.

Over the last few days I admit that I had concerns about some politician attempting to take away our Constitutional Rights, Now I have none. It is not the 1970s anymore.  These statistics and agenda's by politicians are now obtainable.

Yes we still have a way to go educating some but what I have seen from my fellow Americans over the past few days is impressive. The days of no information or regulated information are OVER,  I am so proud today to be an American. Seeing just 2 signatures on the on-line petition to take our Rights away and 13 million to keep them.  The best adjective is optimistic. I am starting to regain my lost faith in Americans. This is not a democratic vs republican issue. It's a the days of no information are over.