My first three rules of the guide for writing quality articles are: 1) Brainstorm before you start the writing process; 2) Do a lot of research – never forget about it; 3) Use quotes and data to earn some credibility. Those rules are the first step in understanding your audience and learning how to engage your readers in comments. If you want your blog to be a success, you need the attention of your readers. That is why you should follow my second guide and my helpful advices. It will help you become a better blogger.

First Rule: Communicate With Your Audience

When you are running a blog, you should never forget to follow all the comments that appear on your site.  Learn what your readers just loved and what made them really sick. Comments reveal much about your readers, you just have to listen.

Your audience will gladly share with you what topics they would like to see on your site. They will tell you if they appreciate controversial content and new writing style you are trying out. Still, that doesn’t mean all the comments are equally important. 

You need to remember that there are generally there are three types of commenters:

1) Internet Trolls. Those who comment on everything. They usually like to be the centre of attention so they write stupid irrelevant comments.

2) Experts. They have the knowledge and share it with others.

3) Non-experts. They are seeking information on the particular subject and are not shy to ask questions.

You will easily find out who you are dealing with. All you need to do is read the comments for a few days.


You should concentrate on experts and non-experts. You should really ignore comments from trolls.

Second Rule: Take Your Time And Work On A Good Headline

Readers are used to be called “scanners” because they tend to scan the text instead of reading the whole thing before deciding if they are actually going to spend their time on the whole content. So the only way to satisfy those “scanners” (and also – search engines) is to work on your titles. Every title really needs to explain your perspective on the particular subject and at the same time be attention-grabbing.

There are the so called Five Golden Rules of writing good headlines:

1)   Keep it short: 6-10 words will usually be enough.

2)   Explain the character of your article (educational, tips giving, or other).

3)   Use the “catchy” words like “find out”, “change” and “discover”.

4)   Ask an intriguing question.

5)   Use one good keyword (don’t overuse keywords).

And there is one meta-rule. The one rule that comes before those five. Do everything to be original. Original does not mean stupid nor does it mean crazy. Remember that.

Third Rule: Become A Constructive Critic Of Yourself

The ability to acknowledge imperfections in your own work is what distinguishes good writers from the rest. A good writer should be humble and never lose the virtue of humility. First of all, you need to be open minded and opened to outside criticism. I know it may sting your ego, but good critics will only help you become better at blogging.

But you should become your own harshest critic. Constructive critic, but harsh. Never think to yourself like: “it’s a minor mistake, I don’t need to correct it”. That is no way to improve your writing skills! 

Completing the guide

If you can adopt all those rules your writing will improve in a matter of weeks. You readers will appreciate it, and so will you, after seeing numbers of subscribers and active readers rise. Remember that mastering your writing skills is a process, long process. It is not something that can be done in a few days.

It takes hard work, and don’t you ever forget it!