The Secret Law of Attraction will work for everyone.

If you have always yearn for your heart-felt goals and desires, you can try out the following method that has worked wonders for me many times!

The way to ask for what you want from the Infinite Universe is to write down on a piece of paper what you specifically want. As mentioned, I have used this method to manifest what I want in a few occasions. This includes a time when I have specifically asked for $20,000.

What I did was I addressed my request to the Higher Power. I write down the exact amount (ie. $20,000) that I wish to manifest within a particular time-frame in ways that are safe, appropriate and congruent with my higher purpose and everyone else involved. In about 6 months' time, I was gifted with $15,000 through a source that was totally unexpected! Believe me I wasn't too concerned that it was short of $5,000 from the amount that I have requested :)

Once you put down your intentions into writing, you have conveyed this message to your sub-conscious mind. Your sub-conscious mind is the subtle power within you that will obey whatever instructions or beliefs that you impress upon her. Your sub-conscious is now aware of what you want. This create an energy, or rather, a vibration that is sent out to the Universe. The Universe then sense your enthusiasm and commitment of what you desire from the positive vibrational thoughts and frequency she receives.

The Universe is like a Super Computer. Some may also refer to the Universe as the Super Conscious Mind. She is the Universal Mind that links up all the sub-conscious minds of various individuals who have matching thoughts and emotions vibrating at the same frequencies. The Universe turns your dreams into realities through a link up of like-minded circumstances, events or even meeting the right person at the most opportune time. You may feel that it’s a sweet coincidence or even miracles when something wonderful happens to you. But you may not be aware that YOU are the initiator of such an event - and it all started with your consistent thoughts and emotions that have been felt by the Universe.
Thus, when you have a problem at hand, do not keep it within yourself. Do not be afraid to ask for help. Remind yourself that you have the inner power within that is always there to guide you towards your answer. Your sub-conscious mind is connected with the vast Universe - and she has unlimited resources to come to your aid. Do not overwhelm yourself with fears and worries relating to your problems. Open up yourself and your heart to ask fore help when necessary.

Learning to let go is an important step towards getting what you want. Once you have conveyed your intentions to your subconscious mind and the Universe, be patient and allow time for them bring forth your desires to you. When the Universe feels that the time is right for you, she will grant you the opportunities that match the intentions that you’ve initially ask for.

Also, when you learn to trust the Universe, you will become more intuitive. You will be alert to the signals that the Universe send you. When you receive such signals, which could be in the form of a person, event or even an opportunity, do not doubt and take action immediately!

You can ask for anything from the Universe. But if you just laze around and not taking actions when she presents the opportunities to you, you are not allowing yourself to receive what the Universe has in store for you. For instance, if you have asked the Universe to give you blessings for winning the lottery, you should at least make an effort to buy the tickets!

I hope you will find this little trick on how to harness the secret law of attraction useful! Write down your intentions today. This is your foundation towards manifesting your goals and desires  successfully!