Hannah Montana's secret is her ordinary everyday life as a normal California schoolgirl, Miley Stewart, who lives with her father and brother in a beach house in Malibu. No one, besides her family and a few close friends, knows that at night she puts on a long blonde wig and performs as the rock star, Hannah Montana.

The twists and turns in the lives of Miley (Hannah) and her friends have furnished the plots of the last three seasons of "Hannah Montana", Disney's blockbuster series for teenaged girls. The fourth and final season is about to begin filming in January of 2010, when Miley, who plays the part of Hannah Montana, will be eighteen.

"Hannah Montana" has been extremely good to Miley Cyrus, making her a world-wide superstar. Every teenaged girl on the planet, it seems, is dying to know what Miley is going to do next.

For instance, they want to know if the black tattoo that Miley has under her left breast is really and truly real. The tattoo says, "Just Breathe", which is the motto of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of which Miley has been a supporter ever since she met her friend, Vanessa, in a Los Angeles hospital where Vanessa was suffering from that terrible disease. Vanessa later died from Cystic Fibrosis at the age of twelve. Miley has never forgotten her.

It was thought, when the paparazzi first snapped pictures of the tattoo, that it was just black ink. But Miley still has the tattoo many months later, and there are rumors that Miley has been urging her buddy, Taylor Swift, to get one just like it. Therefore, it appears to be permanent.

By the way, Taylor hasn't done the deed yet. She has said, "My mother would kill me! Besides, I hate needles..." Miley's dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, has put his foot down about Miley ever having plastic surgery of any kind. Will he take just as strong a stand about the further tattooing of his beautiful daughter? Only time will tell.

Miley has an Australian boyfriend! Miley and nineteen year old newcomer, Liam Hemsworth, met in Georgia on the set of "The Last Song". They played the part of the young lovers in the movie and apparently sparks flew! Liam is teaching Miley all the Australian slang he knows. Miley's favorite word from Down Under is "mate" and that is what she has christened her new puppy.

During a break from her tour in England during early December 2009, Liam, Miley and her entourage made a quick visit to Paris. Liam and Miley were spotted sharing a passionate kiss in that romantic city. Kids the world over are wondering, do they really love each other? What will happen next?

Miley is now back in the States about to start her last year as Hannah Montana. Meanwhile, Liam hasn't gone back to Australia to stay. Right now, he is bunking in Hollywood with friends, but soon he will be looking for a place of his own. Their picture, "The Last Song", will be released on April second. Perhaps there will be a big premiere in Hollywood? Or perhaps in New York? Miley's fans are shivering in excitement. This year, 2010, is going to be a very exciting year for Miley Ray Cyrus. And for all her "Hannah Montana" fans around the country and, indeed, around the world.