The Secret Continues

In part one of this series,  we examined the secrete menus of the popular fast food chains of Burger King, Chick-Fil-A, Chipotle Mexican Grill, and Dairy Queen.  In part 2 we will continue this subject with additional burger joints, including the one in California that is best known for their secret menu, In-and-Out Burger.

Next time you visit any of the following fast food places, try ordering from their secret menu.

*Disclaimer: Secret menus are subject to change and items may be discontinued. In addition, not all items may be available all the time and some restaurant franchises my not offer any secret menu items at all.

The Secret Menus from Your Favorite Fast Food Restaurants (Part 2)

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Five Guys

Five Guys restaurant made its debut in 1986 in Virginia and began franchising in 2003. This popular chain now has over a thousand locations throughout the United States and Canada.

Cheese Fries: Are you a cheese lover? Order cheese fries from your local Five Guys for an added kick to your regular order of French fries.

Grilled Cheese: If you’re not in the mood for a burger, order a grilled cheese sandwich. You can even ask the nice staff at Five Guys to add grilled onions or other vegetables to your meal.

Presidential Burger: This is a cheeseburger with mustard, pickles, lettuce, tomato, and jalapeno peppers. The burger was created after President Obama visited the fast food chain for a meal.

Veggie Burger: In the mood for a meatless variation of the Five Guys burger? Order a veggie burger and enjoy the same great taste you enjoy in their regular burgers without the beef.

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In n' Out Burger

The first time I ever heard of a "secret menu" was at an In n' Out Burger restaurant.  I'm not sure who came-up with the concept but In n' Out Burger has perfected it. I've ordered several items off their secret menu and the staff always knows what I'm talking about. Plus, the food at In n' Out is delicious whether or not it's a secret.

2 x 4: This mouthwatering burger is made with two beef patties and four slices of cheese. If you love cheeseburgers, you’ve got to try a 2 x 4. You might just find that this one's for you!

3 x 3: This burger is made with three patties and three slices of cheese.  Get a juicy taste of beef and cheese every time you bite into a 3 x 3 burger.

4 x 4: Have you ever heard the phrase "Where’s the beef?" Well you won't be saying that with a 4 x 4! It is the ultimate for an In n' Out Burger lover. Just imagine a burger with four patties and four slices of cheese. This is definitely not your mama's burger!

Animal Style: The name doesn’t do this burger justice, it is delicious. The beef patty is covered with mustard prior to grilling and the burger is covered with grilled onions and pickles in addition to the normal items you get on a burger.

Animal Fries: This is an order of French fries with their special hamburger dressing, cheese, grilled onions and pickles. This is a meal in itself.

Cheese Fries: Order a delicious side of In n’ Out fries topped with melted cheese. All you need to say is "cheese fries, please."

Double Meat: This is just what it says, double the meat. The original burger made with two patties

Flying Dutchman: This interesting named sandwich is made-up of two beef patties and two slices of cheese and nothing else. No bun, lettuce, tomato, or anything else.

Grilled Cheese: This is one of my personal favorites. A grilled cheese is the same as their normal cheeseburger without the beef patty. Order it "animal style" and you'll get grilled onions and pickles with your grilled cheese sandwich.

Mustard Grilled Patty: This patty is covered with mustard prior to cooking for a flavorful burger.

Neapolitan Shake: Just as the name implies; this is a vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavored milkshake. Yummy! If you love Neapolitan ice cream you will love this shake!

Protein Style: You can order any hamburger “protein style” which means you get everything but the bun. It comes wrapped in lettuce.

Toasted Bun: If you like your hamburger bun crispy, just order a toasted bun. The grill masters at In n’ Out will toss your bun on the grill and make your burger extra crispy.

Veggie Burger: The veggie burger is a hamburger bun with spread, lettuce, lots of tomatoes, and onions. There is no meat or cheese in this burger.

Well Done Fries: If you like your French fries crispy like potato chips, order them well done.

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Jack in the Box

This well-known burger chain has been around since 1951 and offers a wide variety of fast food items on their menu.  In addition to burgers and fries, this chain also offers tacos, chicken items, salads, and more. Here are some additional items you can order:

Add Turkey or Sausage to the Breakfast Sandwich: You can ask for grilled turkey or sausage added to your breakfast meal sandwich.

Additional Patties: All you have to do is ask and you can get up to 4 meat patties added to your burger.

Extra Cheese: This is pretty simple. If you want it, just ask for extra cheese on any menu item.

Sourdough Bread: Order sourdough bread in place of the hamburger bun on any sandwich or burger.

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What Secret?

The next time you visit your favorite fast food chain, ask about their secret menu. You just might be surprised by what you find out.  But please remember, these secret menu items are subject to change and food items may be discontinued at any time. In addition, please be aware that not all food items may be available all the time and some restaurant franchises my not offer any secret menu items at all.

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