The Secret of Life

Some people can go their whole lives trying to figure out the secret of life. Does anyone really ever figure out what this so called secret really is though? From my experiences I have to say yes. I don't believe there is a one size fits all secret of life though. Everyone's own secret of life has to do with what is important in their life and how they want to live their life.

With my experiences with people I have found that there is 5 secrets of life that will fit universally in anyone's life who is looking to better it. The funny part about this secret is it ain't no secret.haha These 5 secrets to life are just information that everybody already knows. I think people just seem to forget them sometimes.

1. Secret of Life

Knowing when to shut up

This is one that a lot people have trouble with. I think it's safe to say that everyone of us has gotten ourselves in a hot spot by simply saying too much or maybe even saying the wrong thing. Sometimes simply shutting up and not saying anything will get us so much further in life.

I personally believe if you're not sure what to say in a certain situation you should probably say nothing at all. Or at least say very little. After all, what's the worst that can happen by not saying anything? No one can accuse you of anything if you haven't said anything.

2. Secret of Life

Self Control

The second secret of life is self control. I could honestly sit here and write a whole book on the issue of self control. Every aspect of our lives revolves the control that we have over ourselves. If we have none, we will have nothing.

This plays effect with our money if we want to become wealthy, with our relationships if we want to have good ones, with our job if we want to advance and with our lives if we want to live happy fulfilled ones. So if you're looking to better your life in any way, this is probably where you start at.

3. Secret of Life


Your attitude is merely a reflection of you as a person. Walk around with a bad attitude towards life and people and you will be seen as a bad person. Walk around with a positive, happy, successful attitude and you will be seen as such.

This can be hard because everything you have ever heard, felt, seen, experienced, or thought in your life comes out in your attitude. To be honest, most people don't live an easy sugar coated life. Some people have lived a flat out horrible life do to situations.

How you handle what you have experienced is what separates the boys from the men and the girls from the women. If you are one of the many people who have endured more than a person should or has experienced things unthinkable then you must not let it affect your attitude and who you are if you want to live a happy life.

4. Secret of Life


Timing is key to a lot of situations in life. The hard part about timing is that we have very little control over it. How many times have you seen two people that are perfect for each other start dating? Then out of nowhere they break up because one of them is still hung up on an ex. Just bad timing, that's all.

How about people who lose all their money in the stock market? All that is, is a combination of luck, educated guesses, and timing. They win some and they lose some.

Being that we really can't control timing all I can tell you to do is look at whatever situation you may be facing and deeply analyze it. Look at it from all angles. If you can make a wise educated guess you will be one step ahead of the people that just flow with it.

5. Secret of Life


Great things come to those who wait. We have all heard that before. All though this may not be true all the time, being patient will drastically improve your chances for great things to come your way.

Any relationship you will ever have in your life can only grow over time. Any goal you ever have will take time to get there. Any dream you dream at night will take you time to make it a reality. As long as you can wait for the great returns in the end, you are well on your way to living a very happy life.

Well, there it is. The 5 secrets of life that will help you succeed in life. I believe if you apply these with some commonsense anything is possible.

I hope after reading this you are one step closer to finding your own secret of life.