Is there such a thing as “painless weight loss”? More and more people are searching for a quick and easy way to lose weight. While possible, losing weight without exercising takes a great deal of research and dedication. You’ll really need to make a heroic effort to become discipline if you are going to shed pounds without getting physical.

Is it Possible to Lose Weight without Exercising?

Yes, it is possible to lose weight without exercising. But realize that this means youlose tummy fat because you will need to make a huge change in your current diet. You’ll have to give up sugars, more complex carbs, and any other junk food that is readily available. Giving in and eating a Twinkie will definitely spoil the moment so you need to stay dedicated to the process.

In this article, we are going to cover a few ways to lose weight without breaking a sweat. Most of these methods have to do with dieting and will require you to watch what you eat. Let’s get started.

Add Foods, Don’t Subtract Them

In order to lose weight and keep it off, try adding a few healthier foods to your diet. Red cherries, peas, and grapes are nutritious goodies that won’t pack on many calories. You can even slip them into your favorite cereals. A lot of people think that they should focus on what they shouldn’t eat.

In fact, the opposite is true. Adding healthy foods into your diet will help you in many ways. For one, it will provide you with enough energy to go about your day. Second, they help increase your metabolic rate. In return, you’ll be able to digest food at a much quicker rate.

Forget About Exercising

The word “exercise” really seems to take away from people wanting to get physical when losing weight. It becomes more of a chore instead of something that they want to do.  Instead, don’t call it exercising because if you do then you will add unnecessary pressure and expectations on yourself to perform. These results in stress and ultimately more weight gain.

Lighten Up on What You’re Already Eating

Take a look at the foods that you’re already incorporating into your diet. Now, figure out how you can eat a lower-calorie version of those foods. For example, if you are eating pizza then you can switch to gluten free or vegan recipes that are lower in calories. If you love ice cream then you can choose the fat free versions that are slightly healthier than what you’re already consuming.

Also, make sure that you are keeping an eye on fiber count. Studies have showed the eating foods with a high degree of fiber can help you burn more calories as well as decrease the chances of suffering from heart disease. Plus, fiber helps you feel fuller for a longer period of time. This means that you won’t feel the need to grab seconds once you make it through a meal.

Don’t forget to do the same thing with your drinks. If you are drinking a lot of sodas then try switching to their sugar free versions, if possible. While these are still not recommended, it is a positive step in the right direction. And also make sure that you are taking a proactive approach with water and drinking more of it. This is the ultimate beverage and it doesn’t contain any calories.

Stay Hydrated

If you are going to lose a significant amount of weight without exercising then you’ll need to take every opportunity you can to resist calorie intake. The best way to do this is to drink at least one glass of water with every meal that you eat. Drinking plenty of water helps you in many ways:

  • It stops you eating when you’re thirsty and drinking when you’re hungry.
  • It helps speed up your metabolism. Water helps food digest much more quickly and ultimately burns off the food that you eat right away.

Instead of grabbing junk food to keep your mouth busy, grab a glass of water. It accomplishes the same thing but does so with zero ramifications. If you are going to a party then grab water on the way. This way, you’ll have something healthy to drink when you get thirsty. Finally, water helps you stay hydrated should you decide to do something physical.

Share, Share, and Share

When you go out to eat with other people, try splitting your meals with them. For example, if you order a pie then split it with anyone else who may be with you. Not only does this save you money, but it also reduces the amount of calories you intake by a huge number. The same concept can be held true for unhealthy beverages like beer or soda.

And this concept goes in regards to more than just food. For example, you can double up on a bike ride, split the price for a personal trainer, or split the price for a gym membership. When eating healthier, it sure helps to eat less of what isn’t good for you. Not only does it help calorie intake, but eventually you’ll develop a healthy support system that keeps you motivated for the long haul.

Stop Watching Television

The American Heart Association has concluded that watching television is probably the worst thing you can do for your health. One of the main reasons why is because it causes people to eat more than they normally would. People tend to eat even when they’re not hungry when they are watching the television.

On average, individuals watch television for about six hours per day. Those are six hours that can be used to do something productive- like exercise or focus on eating healthy. Television is designed to keep people’s minds busy and it does a very good job at doing this.

If you’re going to stay active then you need to put the tuner away and start spending more time outdoors. Becoming completely engrossed in this unhealthy hobby is the fastest way to gain weight.

Size Does Matter

Make sure that you use smaller plates and cups when eating. What does this accomplish? Well, for one, it helps you eat less. Your mind subconsciously determines that this is the pre-supposed amount of food that you’re going to eat and becomes full once done. If you use a bigger plate then you automatically feel obligated to eat everything on your plate.

People like to go by physical cues when eating. As human beings, we tend to feel full when we see the bottom of a plate, bowl, or cup. Believe it or not, a smaller plate will feel just as satisfying when all of the food is gone. More times than not, it isn’t the amount of food- it’s how much you believe is in there.

From this point forward, stick to smaller bowls and plates and you’ll automatically begin to burn more calories.

Get Away From the Table

One of the best ways to stop eating a lot of food is to become involved in something that doesn’t involve consuming calories. Occupy your mind with something that won’t make you bored. Television is definitely out of the question. Take a role in the community, help a child with a project, or fix up your home. Anything that doesn’t involve food is great if you’re trying to lose weight

Are you already someone who lives a very busy life? Well, taking this tip and combining it with the others will really work out for you. Instead of eating while you watch television, trying eating when you are doing something more physical. This way you’ll feel fuller when all of the food is off of your plate.

Lose it and Keep it off

Once you lose all of this weight, it is imperative that you keep it off. Otherwise, all of the hard work that you put in will be a waste. The good news is that losing without exercising is very possible and does get easier over time.  

Studies have shown that people who lose at least 30 pounds and keep it off for two years find it dramatically easier to keep it off for good. Less and less effort is required to lose weight as you put in more and more work.


Realize that losing weight carries even more merit. For one, it improves your self-confidence. You’ll feel invincible once you realize that you can literally tackle any fitness goal that you may have. Second, it will help you build more patience since the process won’t happen overnight and you’ll need to stay persistence. Weight loss is something that will take time and success will come with time.

So yes, losing weight without exercising is very possible. People do it every day and you certainly can too. But do realize that it does take a lot of discipline and you may have to give up your favorite foods- at least for a few months.