Just like Peter Pan would make us want to believe in fairies, The Secret World of Arrietty makes me want to believe in little people! The film is Studio Ghibli's version of Mary Norton's The
Borrowers. It's an animated film about the Borrowers, the little people who "borrow" things from humans. The rule is they can only get a small amount of supplies (such as sugar) so humans won't discover their presence. It's truly a joy to watch these tiny people climb walls and do other cool stunts that only action stars do. The drawing is very detailed and colorful and the animation is incredibly fluid.

I invited my dad to watch the DVD. He's the type of guy who thinks anime is only for kids. This movie sure is catered towards young audience, but the moment it played on the screen, it
managed to get my dad's attention. The characters are done very well and look so alive that they seem to pop out from the screen. Our eyes were glued to the screen from beginning to end. Not even a chip that dropped to my lap would make me look away from TV.

The story starts with Arrietty being seen by Sho, a sick young boy who just moves into the old house where Arrietty lives. She and her parents are the only tiny people left living in the area. Not long after Sho moves in, Arrietty sets out to her very first "borrowing" mission with her father. Things went wrong, and Sho sees Arrietty again, thus confirming his earlier discovery. Since then, things start to change and Arrietty's family fears for the worst. This movie is a story about adventure, hope, and friendship. If you've seen all the Disney movies with your children
and have probably watched them a million times already, you can try watching a Studio Ghibli movie such as this one. It's a great movie that your entire family would love! Even my dad who
hates anime loves this film!

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The Secret World of Arrietty
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