Many believe that earning from Google AdSense is simple and effortless but once they start placing the AdSense codes within their site, they soon discover that earning from AdSense is not that easy. They could earn from a few cents to a dollar every month or worse they might even earn nothing for several months. Soon they discard the ads provided by Google AdSense and resort to other means of monetizing their site. Unknowingly the basic principles in earning from Google AdSense remain the same whether you use AdSense or other kinds of monetization. Then soon enough they realize they are not earning and are jumping from one kind or monetization to another; then out of frustration they soon close or abandon their site.

It Takes a Lot of Work

Does the story above sounds familiar? To many it does, I myself suffered that same dilemma until I realized the gravity of my mistakes. Many people think that earning from Google AdSense can be done autopilot; yes you can take a vacation for a couple of weeks, leave your website and let it earn by itself. But you just can't leave it longer than that like a Goose that lays the golden egg. If you leave it for let's say a month, you might get surprised when you discover your site is no longer showing on the top of search results.

Continuous work is required if you want to earn from Google AdSense because competition is an ongoing activity in the Web. And before your website reaches the point where you can leave it on autopilot for a couple of weeks it will take lots and lots of work at the start. So this is the first secret in earning from Google AdSense, you have to be prepared in doing plenty of work and if you are looking for some get-rich-quick schemes with little or no work at all then don't pursue earning from this advertising program because you will be doomed to fail. Earning from Google AdSense is a business so be prepared to do the hard work involved.

Provide Useful Content

Providing useful and unique content to your readers or Internet users is very important if you want to earn decently from AdSense. Google loves fresh, unique and useful content and favors website doing this regularly. This is true whatever means or ways to make extra money you do in the Internet. Avoid copying articles already posted in the Web or having duplicate content in your site, not only will you get accused for plagiarism, Google will also penalize your site and your AdSense account. You should focus on writing your own articles to be placed in your site especially if you could not outsource them at the beginning. And if you are going to outsource them, make sure these articles are not duplicate content. You can use certain controls to check them like using the services of copyscape. Once you are already earning decently, acquiring by content by paying writers for your site will be an easy task.

Acquire Targeted Traffic

Do your best to acquire the trust of search engines by promoting your website with them. Acquiring targeted traffic is very essential in earning from Google AdSense. Because AdSense is a contextual advertisement it will show ads relevant to the content of the webpage or website. Thus acquiring targeted traffic will increase the chances of your visitors clicking the ads shown to them. The best way to promote your site and acquire organic or targeted traffic is by building quality links going to your site. This is another activity that will require lots of work but if you have the resource, you could simply outsource them. Avoid traffic exchanges as much as possible, you visit my site I visit yours. Not only is it against the Google AdSense Program Policies you will not gain much income by doing this activity.

These are the basic things you have to focus when you want to earn from Google AdSense. Although there are other factors yet to be considered like Ad placement, choosing the right size or color, there are many resources in the Web where you can find sites providing AdSense Tutorial. If you are ready to brace this kind of business and work, then Google AdSense is for you.