2The top brass of your company likes to say things like, “we're one big happy family in this company”. But you probably realize this much: your sales team looks up to you as a big brother or a big sister. All of a sudden you're the model employee. You set the tone, you set the pace.

Knowing this, you need to set the bar high for your sales people, especially if you're talking performance. Take advantage of your model position, too. Show them by example.

Here are some tips on improving performance:

  • No company wants to fire a competent employee. Show them you got what it takes by meeting your quota, and meeting it on time.
  • But don't just hit your quota either - you can do better.
  • Hitting quota and doing some more is bound to get the attention of your supervisors. Now maintain that positive performance.
  • But it should be noted that quota is equivalent to minimum expectation. Everyone in your team is aiming for the same thing. So aim higher.
  • Keep the mindset that you must exceed the quota every time. This is what's "setting the bar higher" is all about. Exceeding once or twice is forgettable, especially if you're a part of a large team.

Exceed quota, that's the definition of excellence – and make that exceedingly clear to your sales team from the very beginning.

As a big brother to your sales reps, or a big sister, you are in the unique position to empower your sales people and influence their performance in the field. So hold seminars and team-building activities. It helps tighten your family-like bond and relationship with the team.

But don't get too caught up in it, either. As much as you’re a big brother to your sales team, you’re also an employee to the company and must answer to your own superior. Concentrate on the intent of your team-building activities—that is, to improve your sales reps’ performance and set the bar even higher.

Focus on what you want your sales team to achieve. If done right, they'll follow your example. That’s what being a model employee is all about.