Coffee in white china cupThe secret to breaking the caffeine addiction is simple – it’s just a habit. Like all bad habits, we got it started at some point without even realizing we were doing it. We drank more and more caffeine every day and before we knew it, we were addicted. The secret is to view the addiction as a habit that simply needs to be reprogrammed.

The Secret to Breaking the Caffeine Addiction

How is the caffeine addiction a habit? Simple! You probably only drink it at a set point in the day. Maybe your morning habit is to wake up, shower, brush your teeth and grab a cup of coffee. Maybe you need a little boost after lunch to get you through to five o’clock. If you think about your day, you can probably figure out what your caffeine habit is.

Sit down and think through your day. Grab a piece of paper and write down what time you normally drink your caffeine, where you normally drink it, and what time you experience the symptoms of withdrawal if you don’t drink it. This is the first step in breaking your addiction to caffeine.

Reprogram Your Caffeine Habit

Now that you’ve identified your habit (time of day, location, and symptoms), you’re ready to reprogram your habit!

Habit forming is a seemingly simple process. It got you to this point without you even realizing it! In a nutshell, forming a habit is as simple as performing a certain action in a regular pattern. For example, you establish the habit of brushing your teeth every night before bed by simply doing it for a few weeks every night. Now you don’t even think about it anymore, you just do it.

So how do you break your caffeine habit and form a new one? The same way you started the caffeine habit. You simply needs to come up with a new activity to fill the hole of stopping your old one (drinking caffeine). Here are a few ideas:

  1. Black coffee maker makes you coffee in the morningMorning Coffee – Consider replacing this drink with a healthier one such as orange juice.
  2. Afternoon Energy Caffeine – There are many natural ways to boost your energy. Go for a short walk (or jog if you’re ambitious) during your lunch break. I personally love walking and a short brisk stroll after lunch does wonders for digesting that oversized sandwich and keeping you awake through that early-afternoon meeting.
  3. Late Night Study Boost – Just like that afternoon energy boost, there are natural ways to increase your energy levels, even late at night. You can do the same as the previous point and take a quick walk, or take a quick sports break with some friends.

Number One Caffeine Habit Breaking Tip

Now that you’ve identified your habit and though of a way to replace it, let me share one last tip with you. This is a simple one, but is often overlooked by those trying to quit drinking caffeine.

Drink Water.

Yes, it’s that simple. It’s also the most important. This is the secret to breaking the caffeine addiction.

The reason drinking water is so important is very straightforward: Many of us are used to drinking several caffeinated drinks every day. When we suddenly (or gradually) quit drinking them, our bodies are losing a lot of fluid intake. Unfortunately, one of the main symptoms of caffeine withdrawal (a nasty headache) is also one of the main symptoms of mild dehydration. The headaches that you’ve been attributing to kicking the caffeine habit, may in fact be caused by a simple lack of water.

So the secret to breaking the caffeine addiction is simply to buy a water bottle and keep it close by. Once you get in the habit of drinking water all day, you’ll find that you’re not reaching for the caffeine anymore.