A qualified hair stylist knows the minute she sees you what shades of blonde, brunette, etc. will look best with your skin tone. But what if you want to color your hair at home and save a few dollars? Where do you start?

Before coloring your hair, you need to determine if your skin tone is cool or warm to ensure great results, whether you want to lighten, darken or just add a few highlights to your natural hair color.

A cool skin tone is a pale to medium pale, or those with an olive complexion, or skin with a dark brown hue.

A warm skin tone includes those with yellow or faint pink undertones to their complexion, or many freckles, or a rosy flush to the skin.

And if you are having difficulty knowing if you are warm or cool, here is the secret - simply look at your veins through your wrist or hand for the answer. Do your veins appear a green or blue color? If you see blue, you are cool. If you see green, you are warm. Yes, it is easy as that!

Whatever color you are leaning towards, to know if you are choosing the correct shade for your warm or cool skin tone, look to the front of the hair coloring product package; it will state whether that particular shade is warm or cool, ensuring great results every time!

Look to your veins for your skin tone, be sure to choose a hair color shade that states "warm" if you're warm or "cool" if you're cool, and you can't go wrong.