Every day the experts in the beauty industry will tell you about some hot new colors or products that are going to transform your makeup looks into those that you see on your favorite celebrity. While the truth is that yes that new blue eyeshadow will make it look like you are wearing the same blue eyeshadow as seen on the runway, you will not look as good. These beauty experts do not want you to know where the real secret lies to having this great image.


The most important secret to great makeup looks is in the foundation makeup that you use. From the quality of the formula that you are using to how you apply it, this is the most important step that you take every day in your beauty routine. While the new trendy colors of the season get all of the press, this true basic often gets over looked. It is time to change that.

Choosing a formula

When you are trying to choose which formula of foundation that you are going to purchase for your makeup looks, there are many factors that you need to keep in mind. The first and most important is the type of skin that you have. Not every formula works with every skin type. For example a matte finish is going to make dry skin look even more dry.

The second thing that you want to think about is the type of coverage that you prefer. Many women want a medium to heavy coverage so that all of the marks and redness that they see in the mirror are covered up. Younger women tend to go more towards the sheer coverages.

Perfect Match

Now that you know which formula that you are going to use for your makeup looks, it is time to match it up to your skin tone. You can not just grab any old bottle or color and get a picture perfect look. Beauty advisers at cosmetic counters are trained on how to match up foundation to skin tone. There is a reason for this. Without the perfect match, it is just going to look like you are wearing a mask and that is never a great makeup look.


While you might not think about how you are going to apply your foundation makeup when you purchase it, you really need to. Depending on the form of this product that you have purchased, you will have certain choices to make on how you apply foundation makeup. Mineral products are often in powder form and buffed on with a large brush. The liquids that are the most popular can usually be applied with either a brush or cosmetic sponge. The key is making sure that you blend in the product so that you can not tell where the cosmetics stop and your skin begins.

The top celebrities know that to achieve great makeup looks that they need to have a base that is picture perfect. Choosing and applying the right foundation is the secret to looking like you are ready for a photo shoot. So take the time today to upgrade what you are currently using to something that is going to make you look like a star.