The secret to success? I know what you're thinking: how could there be one secret? Why is it a secret? If she's giving away this information for free why are we still in a recession? The reason the country is in a recession, is because even though the secret is NOT that secret, we have as a culture gotten pretty lazy about success. For reasons I've never understood, people think success without thought, planning or work is better sexier and more exciting that regular success. Look at all the attention lottery winners get, and how little research scientist get. Then forget about that, we're talking about you. Don't you want to know the life skills necessary for success? You can be a success too!

Things You Will Need

You will need thoughts of your own, determination and commitment. Be clear about your passion, not lazy. The universe will return a blurry photograph for a blurry focus.

Be clear about the order of events. Thoughts produce ideas, ideas produce realities, realities produce your experience in life. Thus, if you think you are a failure, you certainly are. But wait a minute you protest. I don't think I'm a failure and I still failed! What's Up? I'll tell, you if you really don't consider your Self as a failure, you wouldn't consider a minor set back as a "failure." Consider how many experiments Thomas Edison ran before discovering how to make an incandescent light bulb. He didn't see any of his work as "failure." He considered it a weeding out process for the untenable results.

Step 1

Planning is the most important step. There's more danger to running off half cocked than meets the eye. First off you'll waste precious time, but also money and resources. Decide what you want to do. Think about what tools would be necessary to do it. For example, one of my friends wanted to go to Ireland. Her husband's family was Irish. They had a totally free place to stay once they got there, plus many friendly relatives eager to meet them. Did they ever go? No. Why? Because they never planned it.

The initial idea was to go for their 15th wedding anniversary. That day rolled around while I was working with her. She laughed it off, and said they reset their trip for their 30th anniversary. Let me clarify, this is a woman who spends at least 10 dollars a week on bingo, 2o on lottery tickets and her husband plays poker. Do you see how if they had set aside $5 per week for the 52 weeks in a year, times 15 years that they would have been able to buy the tickets whether or not the money had been in a savings account with interest?

They just never decided. They just never planned.

Step 2

Once you've made a decision on what you want, be sure to write it down. The power in writing things down is you can organize the tools you will need and the steps to take. So you want to go to college? What will you do this week to make it happen? Will you search schools on the internet? Get a part time job? Hit up a relative for a loan? Be clear. Write down your endeavors and results. So what if you can only take one class at a time - you are going to be ten years older in ten years anyway - get started now!

Step 3

You have to start to finish. You have to be persistent. My former husband had a friend who liked to sneer "must be nice" very sarcastically at anyone who owned anything of value. Sometimes the difference between someone who gets ahead and someone who doesn't is that the first person at least tried. If you never apply for a new job you won't find one. It's always easier to find a job when you already have one, you come across more confident in the interview. It is pleasant to have choices. Don't leave a job unless you have something better to go to, but don't sit around doing nothing either!

If you don't get the first job you apply for, look for another one. In this recession my boss is fond of telling me "There's nothing out there." To which I reply, "So what do you want me to do Bob? Quit looking? What would be the point to that?"

Step 4

Give it your best shot. I repeat, give it your best shot. If you don't admit to yourself you really want success you'll never have it. Wear your best clothes and do your make up well for the man you like best. Keep your credit pristine if you want a loan for a mini-cooper. Don't be emotionally lazy. Forget about prayer, have conversations with God. He'll (she'll) tell you, you need to show up if you want success. Humans were born with both free will and discernment. Praying that money falls in your lap is just not as effective as calling up social services or applying for your disability. Think about that. No one else will care about the situation as much as you, so how about you take the most action?

Step 5

Educate yourself. So you want a car, do your due diligence to find the best car available in your price range. Luckily with the internet this isn't as hard as it once was. Look in the car trader magazines, check out blogs, go to manufacturer websites to see prices and viability. Come prepared. The more you know the less people can take advantage of you. Be a leader not a follower.

There is power in having faith, in believing in yourself and persistence. There is also merit in writing things down and planning. There is also beauty in dreaming.

Tips & Warnings

You may have heard that money is the root of all evil, which is not so. The entire quote is actually, the love of money is the root of all evil, but that isn't true either. The root of all evil is gaining at another person's detriment.