A powerful presentation is what any speaker hopes for. A speaker that can hold the attention of the audience and convey information that is being absorbed by the audience is the mark of a powerful presentation.  There is a way to assure that the speech that you are giving will be a powerful presentation. This article will assist you with delivering powerful presentations.


Focus on projecting your voice. This is not the same as screaming or stressing your vocal cords. Projecting your voice is fundamental. Stand tall and have good posture while speaking will help with voice projection.

Speaking an octave higher than normal is a secure place for voice projection as well as exhaling while you speak. There is a tendency when you are nervous to hold your breath. Don’t hold your breath, breathe from your diaphragm.

Avoid distractions

There may be distractions in the room where you are speaking. Distractions may be gum chewing; soft side conversations between audience members and other distractions within the room should be ignored.

The only distraction that should be addressed is the temperature in the room. A room that is too warm will cause an audience to become sleepy. Hopefully you address this issue prior to beginning any presentation.

Stay on task

It can be easy to get off task. The easiest way is by answering questions. Ask your audience to please hold their questions until the end of the speech or presentation. Often questions are answered as the presentation progresses.  When questions are answered and discussions ensue you can find yourself easily pulled off task.

Have your notes handy

Although you may know the material in and out, use notes. These handy tools allow you to stay on task and not forget any information you want to relay during your speech or performance.

A quick once over can assure you have covered everything.

Visuals are great

Visuals are terrific during a speech to hold an audience’s attention. You can produce a Power Point presentation or Power Point printed hand out. Handouts are fantastic for the audience to take notes. If you do create a handout, leave room for note taking.


Practice your presentation.  You don’t need an audience. Practice in front of a mirror to see your visual projection. Is your body posture defensive? Are you frowning when you don’t need to? Make certain that what you put on paper sounds great saying it out loud.

Powerful presentations can be had each and every time you take the podium. The most important ingredient is being prepared. You can even be “over” prepared if you are speaking to a very important or prestigious audience. You won’t be sorry investing in your own presentation.


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