These steps provide practical knowledge that can be applied in the beginning stages or for businesses that have already been established. It is also for people who want to develop new ventures. You may be starting a new business or you may want to expand your existing business, but without proper business communication skills, you will simply just be lost.

Set Goals

Having a set of goals is very important along with a formal plan for your product or service. Not having a business plan before starting a new venture is the same as not having the right papers before entering a foreign country. It just won’t work. The marketing plan is equally important because it sums up how you see your business in years to come with the goals set and objectives met.

Have a list of contacts you plan to establish

Build up a base of as many prospects as you can. Be there when the time is right to buy. Be persistent. Don’t give up and patience also helps somewhat. If someone turns you down, follow-up in a caring manner - work on it!.

What are the common elements of your current business

Look at your current prospects. What are the characteristics they have in common. Do they stay within proximity of your business? Do they pay their accounts on time? When they are close by you will form a friendship, similar with the relationships you have with your friends.

Keep in constant contact with your contacts

Make contact within three months with your current prospects. Developing relationships over time forms trust, getting to know both parties concerned. Calling them, sending chocolates, going out for lunch will form a tighter bond. Of course this depends on the type of business you are running and your expense account.

Know what you are providing as a company

This is the single-minded proposition. This in a nutshell, is how your client will see your business. Once you have this statement wrapped, you can start with advertising and PR as well as different ways to promote your business.

The outside appearance of your business matters

The appearance of your company is incredibly important. The staff should be happy to work in the premises and the clients should be excited to do business with you. Choosing your company should be at the top of their list.

How do your staff treat the customers?

Check to see whether your staff communicate effectively at work. Are thet well-mannered? Do they treat the customers with respect or are they short and impolite? The way you come across to your suppliers, prospects and clients is important because it will either leave a good or a bad impression

Consistency leads to effective business communication

Be consistent. This applies mostly in the advertising field. The follow-up messages should be the same so people know what the advert is about. Be competitive. You can understand what it is the other person wants by offering special discounts, for example.



Use your organizational skills to the best of your ability. Time management is vital. Do the smaller jobs before handling the larger tasks. Don’t jump in with staff training before you have made all of your new business phone calls. Work in a logical order.

Everyone is different

Understand the personality of your clients, staff and prospects with different personal communications styles. Different people have different ways of communicating. Try to adapt to their needs. This is one of the keys to effective business in communication.

Effective business communication training

We are not all natural born speakers. Some of us might be, but how we come across should be appropriate for the world of business.

There are a lot of things to take into consideration. You will be speaking to customers on a daily basis. You will be negotiating and making deals and you have to know the best possible way to go about communicating with different people in the most effective way.

There are always types of communication barriers that affect different people, and this is what you have to take into consideration. Some people learn as they go and others will go on a course. There are advantages and disadvantages to each option, but you have to decide which is right for you.

The Role that Social Network Communication has on Business

If you are not convinced that social media is one of the first tools you should think about when it comes to marketing your business, then your business is going to struggle. There are lots of ways that you can market your business, but social media definitely stands out by a long shot. There, is no doubt about that.

However, it's not good enough, just to get yourself a plugin along with a fan page or some sort of account and hope for the best. You are going to build up a couple of fans and followers as your site grows, but nothing to write home about. You really have to work at this, building relationships as you go along.


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Social media and business success go hand and hand if you do this right. There are many ways in which you can communicate online in order to draw in more customers and clients. Statistics tell us that social media and business growth has been on the steady increase.

Basic Guidelines

  • Don't post anything too promotional or just add continuous links. This is just lazy.
  • Don't spam either because you are just going to lose your fans. After all this hard work, it's not necessary to start losing people.
  • Most people say engage with the 80/20 rule. This means that you should be posting about 80% about your business and 20% about your personal life. People like that kind of thing. You don't have to be too personal, but your customers want to know about the person behind the profile.

It only takes a minute or two to tweet or post something on Facebook. You may want to focus on the other platforms which may also help you with social media communications. One might suit you better than another one. Find out what works best for you. You should always be experimenting with different forms and techniques of social media. The effort you make now will pay off in the future, so don't procrastinate.

social media

Don't ignore "just another social media service"

Yes, it can be time consuming keeping up with the different platforms and it can definitely eat into your time. However, you can't ignore a fairly new service like Pinterest when you are settled with something traditional like Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest may just be a whole lot better for you, so don't forget to experiment like that. You will build up more of a fan base, and at the end of the day this means more clients.