You detoxifies your body by eating seven Latin foods, which contain antioxidant properties help to eliminate bad fats and implement good. What does this mean? Basically, each cell takes the food, eat, create waste and then removed. All cellular by products. However, when cells do not eliminate waste, we are less efficient, and when the waste is contaminated, it is difficult to eliminate. What we want is that our cells metabolism make it work effectively. The toxins do not allow the cells to work well. And to lose weight, our cells have to work well. This is the reason why antioxidants, proteins and good fats are important when we talk about diet and health. Therefore, we see that the new reports on the reduction rates of cancer are always associated with balanced diets. Cancer, in addition to its genetic origin, appears for the cellular toxicity of bad eating habits and poor diets (such as smoking and drinking).

The good news about this is that we can eliminate many toxins that our body and relatively fast responders. Consider this example of a toxic mss activities are: smoking. Did you know that quitting even after twenty-Aryan, immediately change your body? In fact, even after a non-smoking Nora, the oxygen in the cells is significantly higher. Now, if your body responds so quickly at removing one of the most destructive toxins, you can understand that a change in your diet will also benaco immediate effects.Examine in detail the seven Latin foods, their categories, and learn about their immediate effects on our body.


These delicious green and yellow tomatoes contain many nutrients that ma's normal red tomatoes. They are used all over Mexico and now are readily available in the United States are rich in vitamins A and C, DCID fdlico, potassium, and are a great source of antioxidants.
ChickpeasThese delicious cereals are high in fiber, which increases their disposal cycle and help the growth of intestinal flora. They have a natural sugar content very low and very high content of carbohydrates and proteins, provide a continuous source of balanced energy throughout the day. Also, warm the body and have a calming effect on your mind. The chickpeas are used in the kitchen of all Latinoarnerica and the Caribbean.


Do not let the "high" fat content of avocados fanthstica you from the corner fruit. In fact, its the Hanin monounsaturated feel satisfied after a meal, he ordered his body to burn stored fat, while that will help reduce bad cholesterol and increase good. The avocado also contributes to the lubrication and regular bowel evacuation cycles. Avocados are grown and consumed throughout America.


Consume garlic as often as possible. Garlic is well known for its antibacterial properties and stimulate immunity to disease. It also helps lower bad cholesterol. A clove of garlic a day can keep you in good health. You will receive the benefit of better blood circulation, as well as an increase in libido. The arrival of this key food to the New World, where all parties were attributed to the Spanish, Portuguese and French.


Half a teaspoon of cinnamon a day can lower levels in the blood sugar, and many studies show it can help prevent diabetes. Cinnamon also has a high content of antioxidants, and a pleasant taste. You can sprinkle cinnamon on fruits or whole grains instead of sugar: will taste delicious. Beneficiary also its cholesterol-lowering qualities. This seasoning is used medicinally in Egypt, India and parts of Europe since Soo BC, now part of many Latin American and Caribbean cuisines.

Chiles Oajies

You can use hot sauce on their plates as often as desired for flavor and for health. Chiles of all types, like chipotle and others, have a high content of minerals and antioxidants, giving a high resistance to the immune system. Another important point is that this food is spicy but for the palate, it actually has a cooling effect on your body. Blood flows to the periphery of the body in response to pungent and then cooled before returning at the center of the body, where ternperatura is higher. That is why Latinos in the 'tropical Daisen instinctively eat hot and spicy foods. Although many people associate with Mexico chile, this can be found throughout Latin America and the Caribbean in various shapes and colors, as well as varying degrees of hotness.


Cilantro accelerates the expulsion of metals t6xicos the body. Excess toxic metals in the body can be a real hotbed of viral infections, but with daily use of cilantro in the kitchen have a great opci6n to stay healthy. All we need is to a handful of cilantro in a salad or a couple of, teaspoons in the plate of food to get the benefits of this herb. This herb and its cousin, the coriander is used throughout the continent.Apart from these seven Latin foods, there are a variety of other classified in the same categories, which offer similar options to those already mentioned. If you're looking to a wider range of the main advantages of a diet America, observe the following categories of key foods. You know you have food in comtin Latino seven food groups, and others can match. Be creative. The more colors with food contain more nutrients. You will receive many benefits at combining these healthy, natural ingredients.

  1. Beans: chickpeas, lentils, black beans, red and pinto.
  2. Fruits: Mango, papaya, pineapple, custard apple, passion fruit, passion fruit, guava, lemon, and acai.
  3. Vegetated and chiles, tomatoes, bananas, avocado, jicama (Mexican potato or turnip), figs, squash, jalapeno, chipotle and others.
  4. Cereals: tubers and nuts, quinoa, amaranth, cassava, yam, corn, rice, pine nuts, peanuts and walnuts, to name a few.
  5. Seafood: Shrimp, clams, eel, trout and snook.
  6. Ayes: chickens, turkey, quail (and their eggs), and others.7. Meats: Mainly beef, lamb and pork.