Chasity is simply being virtuious, honest and modest.Whether it's to your family, friends, co-workers or employer. Chasity will get you far.


Temperance is using self control and keeping your life quiet and peaceful. Sobriety, soberness and self restraint are virtues in themselves.


Charity almost needs no explanation.Displaying generousity and gratitude to your associates, family and friends will give you peace of mind.


Being enterprising and industrious in all areas of your life. Being diligent and industrious are traits every successful business person has displayed.


Patience is simply allowing others to experience their own lives.,showing perserverence,endurance and moderation in all things.


Kindness is simply being sympathetic, considerate and kind hearted.


Being meek and mild and not being a braggart or showoff is the simplest explanation of humility.

Maintaining or displaying any or all of the above traits is daily becoming more difficult., in our economy today. If you're out in the world , you will be affected by ones who are trying just as hard as you to follow them. Understanding that ,will help you to maintain your integrity and be a person that others are happy to greet on any day.