Moving Box(117214)

1. It can’t all get done in a day (easily)

     We gave ourselves a full day to get everything moved from House 1 to House 2. We began before six in the morning, because we were so excited about the new house. And we didn’t get done until 8:30 that night. So yes, we did do it all in a day, but most people wouldn’t get up quite that early to start. And our nearly fourteen hour day was completed with no break at all except a twenty minute lunch. So if you can, give yourselves at least two days to get everything moved.

2. You have more than you think- pack ahead of time

Packed Car

     I am the queen of getting rid of things I don’t want or need, yet even I was amazed at how much I had to pack just from my bedroom alone. Luckily, a lot of it was already in boxes, so the workload was easier than it might have been. I was adamant that I could pack all my possessions in one day, but at the insistence of others, I began a few days early. What I learned was that it takes a lot longer than you think to pack a shelf full of books, and that after lifting three forty pound boxes into your car, the fourth one seems almost impossible. Pack ahead of time—not only will it make moving day less stressful, but you’ll be able to plan ahead for when you realize not everything will fit seamlessly into your car.

3. You can never have enough boxes or paper to wrap breakables

     It’s embarrassing to go to the local Pizza Hut and ask if they have extra cardboard boxes. Don’t let it happen to you. It’s also frustrating to have it be 7:30 in the evening and be facing an entire cupboard of breakable coffee mugs and not have anything to wrap them in, having run out of bubble wrap long ago. You tend to get creative at that point, and end up wrapping the cups in plastic shopping bags in your sheer desperation. It isn’t fun. Have extra supplies.

4. You will need help

People Moving Boxes

     Five people helped us move, and if they hadn’t, I’d still be at the old house attempting for the eightieth time to get the couch out the door. Everything, from moving the heavy things to renting the moving truck to helping us clean the bathrooms in the new house at the end of the day is a major help. It’s worth buying your friends dinner and paying people from the moving company.

5. Quick and easy food and drinks are vital

     This was one thing we did right. Pizza on hand, plenty of water bottles, and paper plates. I can’t tell you how much water I drank in the course of the day, or how much I enjoyed the simplicity of microwaving the pizza we ate for dinner. And everyone helping us move appreciated it too.

6. You’ll forget something if you’re not careful

The Lonely Coat Hanger

     You’d think it would be easy to look around an empty house and see if there’s anything you are about to leave behind. But with the stress of the day, it’s quite easy to forget about the simple things. Our error in this case was quite minor. We ended up forgetting a few kitchen utensils in the back of a drawer, which is not a big deal, but is still annoying. So check for the obvious things first, like pictures hanging on walls, and the go back and look inside every drawer, cabinet, and corner, even if you’re sure you’ve looked there already.

7. Set up necessary kitchen and bathroom items first

     Moving into a new house can be a lot of fun. It’s easy to get caught up in wanting to arrange the living room or hang pictures on the walls, but don’t. There’s plenty of time for that later. It feels great to be able to find your toothbrush at the end of an exhausting day, as well as having the coffee pot ready in the morning. Work from the essentials up.