The Seychelles archipelago is an astounding chain of over 100 islands nestled eloquently within the Indian Ocean, just east of Kenya. The breathtaking landscapes and crystal clear blue waters are home of some of the most spectacular beaches on the globe. With pristine, secluded powdery beaches, the islands are dotted with huge natural granite boulders and lush green rain forest.

History of Seychelles

French, English and Creole are commonly spoken throughout the Seychelles as they were first settled by the French in 1770, later evolving into a population of 3,500 by the early 1800s when they were ceded to Britain under the treaty of Paris. Seychelles flourished to population near 7,000 under the British and established food crops, coconut plantations, sugar cane and cotton. During this time, Victoria was established as the capital following the abolition of slavery.

SeychellesSeychelles Culture

Presently, the population of Seychelles is a thriving 90,000 strong. The islands are a magnet for a vastly diverse culture of peoples from all over the globe including European settlers, adventurers, Arab and Persian traders in addition to many Chinese and Indians. Several nations are represented within these islands and each contribute to the unique influence and exciting, yet quaint and relaxing society.

Thing to do in the Seychelles

The diversity of the landscape of the Seychelles is unequaled. 5-star resorts are available across the main 16 islands as well as smaller, cozy island loges and beachside bungalows. Beautiful national monuments, natural wonders and various hiking excursion will leave you with nothing but a vast number choices in how to spend your vacation time. There is also horseback riding, golf, water sports and glass-bottom boats. The beaches are incredibly uncrowded and simply inviting with ample opportunities for snorkeling, swimming or deep pure relation.

If that weren't enough, the archipelago touts various art museums, studios and a plethora of specialty shops that will keep you busy for days. A tropical climate blesses the Seychelles islands year-round. You can visit any time of the year, fully confident your stay will be enjoyable.

Regardless of your nationality, no Visa is required to enter the gorgeous landscapes of the Seychelles islands. A valid passport and sufficient funds for your stay is all that is needed. Each month, the islands are host to special events, so be sure to check with your travel agent and find out what's going on when you're able to visit. Sunsets on the Seychelles awaits you!