The Shark steam cleaner is a fantastically handy tool for cleaning all types of surfaces. I hesitated to buy a steam cleaner mop for the longest time and now I have to ask myself why? I suppose it was the cost of buying a new machine and wondering if it would really work. After all, anything you might purchase as a Seen on TV item is not always a great value. In this case I could not have been more pleasantly surprised. I have fallen in love with this machine and will never go back to cleaning my floors the old way. Steam cleaning floors and other home surfaces is the way to go in order to maintain sanitation in your home with virtually no effort on your part.

As home steam cleaners go, the Bissell Shark steam mop is one of the most highly rated machines currently on the market. Prices average between $40 and $60 for the Shark SC 710 L model and upwards to the $120 price tag on the Euro-Pro S3501 model. I have the Euro-Pro and could not be happier with it.

There are several available attachments from extension rods to floor squeegees and shoulder straps to make your Shark steamer easier to use on a variety of surfaces. The most useful attachment is the carpet glider for the Shark steam mop. The carpet glider attachment does an excellent job at lifting spots and stains from carpet when still fresh, and general grimy dirt in higher traffic areas. I use my carpet attachment all the time to spot clean high traffic areas, stains, spots and even pet messes. Now that I have the capability to do so; I have to wonder how my carpets ever avoided permanent stains before now. The difference is noticeable, especially in hallways and high traffic areas.

The nice thing about the Shark portable steam cleaner is its ease of use, particularly with the available attachments. I seem to be forever coming up with new ways to use the machine and especially appreciate the portability and how light weight the unit is. Additionally, the Shark Company makes a line of steam cleaners which are eco friendly, as steam mops may be used without chemical cleaning solutions. Saving the environment and low cost operation is double benefit in my estimation.

If you are looking for a fantastic and low cost way to keep your home clean, I can not recommend the Shark steam cleaner more adamantly. I have found that the versatility of this machine, coupled with the ease of use and inexpensive price is a hard combination to beat in this invaluable cleaning tool. Two thumbs up in my opinion!