Shaw Academy Review

James Egan and Adrian Murphy opened a business named "Shaw Academy" in 2013. The headquarters of said business is situated in Dublin, Ireland. The Shaw Academy is an online education provider. They offer various courses ranging from business to photography. They gained massive popularity due to their listings in Groupon. A normal Diploma course's costs would be around a thousand dollars on their own e-commerce platform, while it would cost only around a hundred dollars on Groupon. Couple this with the course's NCFE accreditation, the courses of the Shaw Academy in Groupon had great value for its price. However, this changed as the Shaw Academy grew in popularity.

The Shaw Academy had two types of courses, Diploma and Advanced Diploma. They were both accredited by the NCFE and were rated at level 4 in the QCF. Although no credits were given for the courses, the fact they were accredited by the NCFE gave recognition to the courses. The Advanced Diploma courses would cost around 4 times more than their Diploma counterparts. However, since they offered the same academic value, many tend to prefer the Diploma courses, so I assume that sales were low for the Advanced Diploma courses. This caused the Shaw Academy to switch the accrediting body of the diploma courses to the CPD. The CPD has very little recognition in terms of academics, thus many disfavored the new change made by the Shaw Academy

Around Mid-2015

Around the end of 2017, the Shaw Academy has changed their accrediting body again. This time, they've stripped accrediting bodies for their courses. Now, the courses are rated at level 5 in the EQF. However, this rating is not verified by any professional accreditor. Thus, the courses offered by the Shaw Academy, now, has no recognition.

December 2017

As said by Eartha Kitt, "Greed is so destructive. It destroys everything.". The Shaw Academy became greedier due to their growth in popularity and have ruined their own reputation. If you'd like to partake courses with accreditation, I would suggest that you take look at Reed's directory. Thank you for reading this Shaw Academy review and I hope you'll have a wonderful day.

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