Get Rid of Bedbugs


Have You Fallen Victim to the Bedbug Plague?

Are you a victim of the recent bedbug breakout? I bet you never thought this could happen to someone like you. You are not alone. Thousands of Americans are waking up to bug bites and unusual phenomena all attributed to the pesky little critters. Hotels are scurrying to make sure their facilities are bedbug free. These parasitic insects show no partiality. MaBedbug bitesny have made their way into hotel rooms, cars, restaurants, and now private homes.

Imagine yourself planning a relaxing vacation at a resort, only to be awakened by a bedbug gnawing away at his early breakfast--------YOU!! I know it is disgusting, but in fact this is exactly what is happening to innocent travelers all over the states. These bedbugs have made their way into planes, luggage, carpets and seating. They are almost anywhere they can find an easy dining experience. Many unsuspecting persons have found unusual rashes, blotches, and skin irritations happening to them, only to find out that a bedbug was the culprit of their suffering.

As you read every word of this article, you probably are experiencing the crawling sensation that only a bedbug can produce. Frankly, it is downright frightening!! Would it be nice to know in just a short while that you can eradicate the little creature from your presence, and learn how to keep it from spoiling your next vacation or getaway?

What is a Bedbug?

These bugs are flat bodied in appearance and are often mistaken for a tick or a small roach. Adults can reach 5-7 mm in length, while nymphs (juveniles) are as small as 1.5 mm. You can spot a nymph much easier after it has eaten. Their bodies are clearly transparent, but after a meal, they are red, because they are filled with blood. Though these bugs have wings, they cannot fly.

Do You Know Where Bedbugs Live?

Bedbugs in matressAs mentioned above, you probably understand now that bedbugs do not exist in bedding only. This can sometimes be confusing when you see one on your living furniture or carpet. Most likely, however, you will not see them until it is too late. They are nocturnal, and come out at night. They live in bed mattresses, where they can find food readily available. They can also be found in furniture, picture frames, light switches, carpets, stuffed animals, on your pet (a form of transfer) and any other place where they can get close to their prey. Bedbugs can be located inside luggage, planes, vehicles, and bedside clutter. Unknowingly, many travelers are bringing the bedbug right into their safe home environments. Once they have made it in your home, they are near impossible, without professional help, to eradicate.

Think you are protected from a bedbug infestation taking place in your home? If you eat out, travel, go to tourist areas, ride in airplanes, use public facilities such as conference rooms and churches, you may want to think twice about your safety.

A Proven Way to Eradicate Bedbugs at Home

A proven way to eliminate bedbugs in your home environment is to produce an extremely hot environment for them. Pest Control Professionals have the proper equipment and means to do just that. If you are dealing with a huge infestation of bedbugs, do not waste your time trying to get rid of the critters yourself. You will undertake an endless battle. If they are quarantined to a small item or room, I suggest you check out a Do-It-Yourself Pest Control site or view 'bedbug eradication' on the web to get a jump-start!

Best Wishes!

Jane Morin