The Different Gangs Party and work Together

In most places such as Los Angeles, rival gangs would never be cordial to each other much less party together. In Las Vegas this is very common. You can actually find sets of Bloods that party with Crips. It is not always cozy, however compared to other gang infested areas such as Dallas and New York the friendliness of enemy gangs is astounding. One day they may be plotting to kill a rival gang member and then that evening be partying with his homies.

287 Gangs

According to a 2006 study[1964] by Las Vegas law enforcement officials, there were 287 different gangs operating in Las Vegas. Since 2006 that number is estimated to have increased.

Gang Violence Increases

Gang violence in Las Vegas is always on the rise. In the last 10 years the violence of the Las Vegas gangs is seemingly always on the rise. The number of murders, prostitution rings run by gangs, and drug related violence is on the increase. When the economy in Vegas was ravaged by the downturn in the Casino Industry and the housing market, gang violence also picked up.

Lack Of Activities in Las Vegas

We would assume that there are a lot of activities to do in Las Vegas, but if you are a teenager and have not reached the age of 21 then your activities may seemingly be very limited. When there is not a lot for high school aged kids to do, some of them turn to gangs. When the Wet'N Wild waterpark closed up, gang recruitment picked up. The water park in Vegas was an extremely popular spot for teens, however it was closed down and some of those teens turned to gangs simply so they had something to do.

Los Angeles Gang Members

Los Angeles has a huge gang problem. Every time Los Angeles law enforcement begin a huge coordinated effort to crack down on gang members, some of them relocated to Las Vegas. When the Los Angeles gang members relocate to Las Vegas they often bring a more hardcore mindset to the other local Vegas gangbangers. Instead of maybe beating somebody down with their fists, they will beat him with a baseball bat or even just simply shoot him and kill him. The moire LA gang members that move to Vegas help to breed a more violent gang nature in general in the Las Vegas area.