Anyone who has visited the forums here on Infobarrel knows that there are as many writing styles/tactics as there are writers using this website. Some writers are highly focused, doing extensive keyword research before writing their articles, and back-linking heavily after they publish their well researched articles. Other writers spend much less time doing their research and focus on writing articles on subjects they like or may have personal knowledge about. The former type of writer has a smaller and more focused library that is “optimized” to earn, while the latter type of writer has a large portfolio of articles and relies on quantity.

This article will summarize my planned strategy for writing on Infobarrel. After hanging around the forums for the last few months and reading what other writers had to say in regards to their writing style, I believe that mass-producing articles (no spun or low quality content) will be the most productive use of my time here. I have three main arguments for following this strategy, as opposed to concentrating on a small amount of highly researched, back-linked articles.

1. Google’s algorithm always changes:

As we have seen with the Panda update, Google changes its algorithm multiple times a year. These changes can be deadly to writers that put their eggs in one basket and wrote highly focused articles. By writing mass amounts of general articles on different topics, you spread your risk and also give yourself the chance to see what topics are popular and which ones aren’t.

2. Writing articles on different topics is entertaining:

Even though most of us here are writing with the ultimate goal of earning some monetary compensation for our efforts, there is a significant element of enjoyment involved in writing. If you use the “shotgun” strategy to write articles on Infobarrel, you can write on whatever topic you like. There are no constraints as you don’t have to worry about research and keyword analysis. Although not all of your articles will earn you any income, you will get the occasional “cherry” article that will make you money month after month. The beauty of mass producing content is that once you identify your “cherry” articles, you can produce more work on the same field and increase your earnings.

3. Back-links aren’t permanent, articles are:

As we have seen with the Hubpages subdomain change, back-links can get broken. On the flip side, when you publish an article on Infobarrel, it is yours forever. It’s your content, you created it and you own it. Should Infobarrel go under tomorrow, you can always republish your article somewhere else, while your back-links will immediately become useless.

I will be the first to admit that I am far from being an expert in writing for residual income. However, what I write here comes from my research of the forum at Infobarrel and the writings of other authors on the site. My research indicates that my personal work habits and writing style would best be utilized if I wrote masses of content instead of focusing on a small library of researched pieces.