The Most Common Side Effects of Melatonin - What Every Patient Needs to Know

Melatonin is a naturally occuring hormone that our bodies produce in accordance with the cycle of the sun in order to regulate our biorhythms, or our cycles of sleeping and waking and daily activity. However, there are a number of reasons why some people take supplemental melatonin, regardless of whether or not they are acquainted with the side effects of melatonin. As you can imagine, melatonin is extremely important to healthy functioning and if your melatonin levels get out of whack you can experience a whole host of unpleasant and ennervating symptoms. Melatonin is also one of the major aspects of the entire process of jet lag, by which a person traveling across several different time zones in an airplane arrives at their destination out of sync with their new time zone. This is due to the fact that your body is already accustomed to releasing melatonin in certain levels and cycles in accordance with your previous home's timezone and sun cycle. Some savvy and frequent travelers attempt to head off this unpleasant and tiring phenomenon by using supplemental melatonin to forcibly adjust their bodies' sleep cycles and biorhythms while traveling.

Why Aren't People Aware of the Side Effects of Melatonin?

Some people also use supplemental melatonin in order to achieve deeper more restful sleep even while living in their normal environs. Melatonin is generally regarded as a safe supplement for the general populace to use - that's why it's available over the counter. However, no one should be under the illusion that any substance or drug is entirely safe and without side effects. That's simple not true. Everyone taking supplemental melatonin needs to be well informed as to the side effects of melatonin. The side effects of melatonin can affect different people differently depending on a number of complex factors such as age, other medications you might be taking, and your lifestyle habits.

The Basic Side Effects of Melatonin

The side effects of melatonin range from symptoms and changes that affect all kinds of bodily systems. For example, you might experience seemingly normal deep drowsiness at a time when you are accustomed to being, or need to be, awake. You might mistakenly think this is due to recent exertions, but it could also be one of the side effects of melatonin. For this reason, it's extremely important that anyone taking melatonin is well aware of the all the side effects of melatonin and factors these side effects into their decisions about driving or operating heavy machinery. As always, you should consult your physician before starting or stopping any medication. Your physician or primary healthcare provider can also go over the side effects of melatonin with you so that you are better informed and well prepared to take supplemental melatonin safely and responsibly.

The Most Common Side Effects of Melatonin

Because melatonin is a regulatory hormone, meaning that it plays a major role in the cycles of other bodily systems, it can have profound effects on the body. Someone unaware of the side effects of melatonin might be experiencing depression, headaches, nausea or irritability and remain unaware of these symptoms root cause. It's always important to take supplemental melatonin only about 30 minutes before you are going to go to bed, otherwise you risk harming yourself or others while drowsy.

The side effects of melatonin can also include decreased libido or ability to perfrom sexually, as well as gastrointestinal disruptions. If you experience any of these side effects of melatonin, make sure to bring them to the immediate attention of your doctor.