The Spiritual Meaning of 1111

About nine years ago, I started seeing the numbers 11, 111 or 1111 everywhere. The frequency of the occurrence really concerned me; it was more than just a coincidence. As I looked into it, I realized that millions of people all over the world were experiencing the 11 11 phenomena but no one had any idea why it was occurring and what it meant. Several of the people experiencing the 11 11 phenomena also reported seeing 3:11, 9:11, 3:33 or 12:34. There are some who believe that we have subconsciously memorized the time of day and affectively programmed ourselves to look at theses precise times. However, experiencers are also seeing the numbers on score boards, phone numbers, license plates, bar codes, the odometer, clocks that are not set to the right time etc.

Why is this happening? Why is it only happening to certain people? Who, or what, causes it? Is there a message encoded? How do these numbers relate to each other, why are they significant?

These are a few of the questions that I have contemplated for almost a decade. Today I would like to share with you some of the answers I've found.


Connecting The Dots

When you multiply 1111 by 1111 the product is 1234321 (12:34). It's not hard to imagine a triangle when you look at that number, but for those of you who need a visual, graph it. 


You will get what I got, a triangle with 3 angles and 3 sides. This is significant for three reasons. Binary code is a two-digit number system and is the language of computers. It only uses 0 and 1 to signify all of the numbers you see on your computer screen. It looks like this:

Binary Code

In binary code, two 1's translate to three (11=3). Since there are 3 sides and 3 angles on the triangle we have 33 which in binary is 1111. 33 is also the product of 3x11 (3:11), and if you multiply 3x3 you get 9. Present in all of this is 9, 11, and 3.

Ernest L. Martin wrote the book, The Birth of Christ Recalculated, in 1978. He worked out using precise astronomical events including the famous star of Bethlehem, that Jesus was born on 9/11, 3 BC. His evidence was not limited to astronomy alone, but incorporates a variety of modern discoveries in the fields of history and archaeology as well. According to scriptural references, Jesus died when he was 33 years old, after a 3-year ministry. If you multiply 3x33 (3:33) you get 99, which is 9x11 (9:11). Whether the story of Jesus Christ is a historical fact or not, that these numbers are even present in the story is synchronic.

(Side note: A moment ago, while writing the paragraph above, I wanted to confirm the age of Jesus at his death. I performed a Google search and came across a website called: Is, Was and Will Be: The Unknown Character of Christ and His Word. The discussion on this page outlines the significance of the numbers 33 and 66 in the Bible, with no apparent relationship to the 1111 phenomena. However, in the very first paragraph they refer to two prophecies: one found in Daniel Ch. 9, and the other in Revelations Ch. 11. In the same paragraph there was also a reference to Hosea 11:1.)

The controversial esoteric society of Stone Masons uses 3 degrees of craft to denote a candidate’s progress. A 3rd degree Stone Mason is a Master Mason. There is no degree of Craft Freemasonry higher than Master Mason. Although some Masonic orders, such as the Scottish Rite, have supplemental degrees of Master Mason from 4° to 33°. So the Stonemasons use the numbers 3 and 33 to denote Master Mason and the best of the Master Masons. (3:33)

The World Trade Center tragedy occurred on 9/11/2001. Firstly, 9+1+1= 11.  Second, this date falls exactly 111 days short of the end of the year and on the 254th day of the year. When added together the sum of those numbers are eleven (2 +5+4=11). Third, the first plane that hit the tower was flight 11, and the total number of crew on flight 11 was 11. Furthermore, from a distance the majestic structures resembled a giant number 11. Lastly, the trade centers took 11 years to complete and coincidently, the state of New York was the 11th state of the US constitution.

Jose Arguelles was an author known as the father of the Harmonic Convergence. He inspired and coördinated the largest multi-cultural group meditation in multiple locations all over the globe, to thwart the apocalypse he believed was coming in 2012. Arguelles worked relentlessly on decoding the Mayan calendar, and based on his findings, believed that between the 1992 and 2012 would be a period of “no time”. During this period a shift would occur between the age of Pisces and Aquarius. It is very interesting that between the years 1992, at the beginning of the period of “no time”, and 2001 when the trade centers were destroyed, there were 9 years, and between the years 2001 and 2012, when time starts again, there were 11 years. This gives us 9 and 11 once again.

The Mayan calendar actually ended on 12/21/2012 at 11:11 UT. When you add each number of that date together the sum is 11 (1+2+2+1+2+0+1+2=11). On this date, we officially moved into the Age of Aquarius, which just so happens to be… the 11th astrological sign.

On 9/11/1941, contractors broke ground for the construction of the Pentagon. Sixty years later, on 9/11/1990 at 9:09 a.m., George Bush Sr. gave a speech at the UN introducing the phrase, “New World Order”. Exactly 11 years later the world trade center was attacked. The first shuttle to the moon was Apollo 11. The sun has massive solar storms every 11 years. Remembrance day is celebrated at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month every year all over the world. The year that the word crown was first established was 1111 AD. On 8/11/1999 at 11:11 a.m. there was a complete solar eclipse in Europe.

 What Does It All Mean?

Every one of us incarnate for reasons most of us forget during the incarnation process. We are always a spiritual body of energy connected to every other kind and source of energy but during our incarnation process we nullify our awareness of that connection in order to take full advantage of the physical experience. For a new soul, or one tangled in the web of Karma, it is necessary to incarnate without the knowledge of their true essence. Remembering what we truly are might prevent the experiencer from fully experiencing the dream. For example, flying in our dreams is a wonderful experience but feels diluted when we realize its just a dream and we can't actually fly. Or a nightmare designed to prepare you for the scary or unpleasant situations in life would not be so effective if we knew that it was just a dream. Our response to the stimuli would change.

However, other, possibly more evolved souls, or souls which have shown mastery over their physical desires and reactions within an incarnation eventually move on to more refined lessons of service without recognition or reward. This latter group might be the souls that are seeing 1111, 333, and the like. These numerical sequences and prompts come with many messages but only you can decipher their meaning. In order to decipher the messages you need to reconnect with your higher-self consciousness. Another way to think about it is awakening your spirit body within your physical body. In every case the time prompts are calls to action, demanding our attention, forcing us to search for answers and in the process, wake up to our true self. If we do that... we will find there were always messages being sent. Think of it as fine-tuning our imaginary psychic satellite dish to the frequency of our higher self or spirit body. Once we’ve figured out how to tune in the radar, the messages will become clear.

Some people say that there are exactly 1,111 guardians who were all that were left of the midwayers (spirits that exist in the space between the physical plane and the spiritual plane). From my experience, I can only attest that there is a higher self, a spirit body which is your path to the Collective Consciousness, it is the only way. As a co-creator of your experience, it is responsible for the illusion of angels, demons, guardians or gremlins. It creates the illusion of our reality. Take the dream example I gave earlier: in the first example we were flying, in the second we experienced the nightmare, however we know that it was our mind that conjured up both illusions for our benefit. In a similar way, our higher self conjures up a dream, which is to be our reality unless within the dream we become aware that we are dreaming. 

Synchronicity is used to confirm the existence of a higher self and collective consciousness. The numbers are not necessarily the main point; the synchronicity is what gives you the feeling that there is a higher intelligence behind the phenomenon relaying a hidden message. It is very important to develop a connection between the physical experiencer, known as you, and the spiritual body, known as the "real" you. Awaken the sleeping dragon within you and know your life's purpose. When we connect with our higher self, nothing is unknown to us. We are each analogous to one cell within a multi-membered cellular being. In other words, we are each only "1" of the ingredients in the whole (1111).

 Take the call to action seriously. If you see the prompts, get to work. If you do not see the prompts, get to work even harder. Namaste 


My wife and I got our 18-month-old daughter, Amaya, some alphabet letters and numbers equipped with magnets that enable them to stick to the fridge. As I was working on this article today, Amaya came and placed two magnets on the table just behind me. When I finished the article and got up from my desk, I turned around and saw them. A pair of 1's placed perfectly to form an 11.