In any company or job you partake in, you will always have to build relationships. No matter what kind of relationship arises during your stay, the important thing is to maintain its harmony. A pleasant working environment is good for the company as a whole.

One of the more important relationships in the company is between the employer and the employees. Both parties have something to be grateful for to each other: a person gets employed when an employer thinks that he has the proper ability required by the position, and the company manages to survive because of the employees' hard work.

A good employer-employee relationship is essential for different reasons:

  • Motivation: When an employer treats his employees fairly and with respect, it drives them to become better at their work. Praises and incentives for a job well done can also be used to encourage the company staff.

  • A good reputation: Companies that have a harmonious relationship within earn a positive reputation among potential customers, investors, and staff. It attracts and makes them want to work for or with the company.

  • Better output: Employees who are inspired to work produce better and more results.

  • Efficiency: The level of competency of the staff also increases because of their drive to become better.

  • Higher profit: When employees produce better outcome, the goods or services offered by the company also become better, thus winning over more customers and more revenue.

If you are experiencing problems in your relationship with your employer or employees, here are some ways to improve it:

  • Start motivating the employees through work incentives like raffles or free stuff. Reward them when they make some improvement on their tasks.

  • Spend time with each employee. Allot some time to talk to them about anything, aside from their job and the company. Employees prefer employers who show genuine sincerity towards them and their concerns.

  • Spend time together as a team. Team building activities help the employees bond together. That way everyone will have the chance to get to know each other.

  • Organize events that do not concern work like watching a movie or going out of town. Not everything that employees and employers do have to be concerned with their work. It's also a good way to develop deeper relationships.

  • Do not be afraid to come up to the manager and ask favors for the team that can help bring about better work results. Work closely with each employee to avoid or minimize any mistake and find solution to existing problems.