What one should know about Severe Depression

Severe Depression can be Deadly

    People who have severe depression often have thoughts that they can't stop thinking about. Thoughts which drive them up a wall, figuratively speaking. It can be so bad that they're likely to take their own life, just so they don't feel pain anymore. The pain can stem from the loss of a pet, a family member, friend, or a job. The anguish a person feels which can lead to severe depression can also be a bad breakup or divorce.

   That or maybe they might have done something they view as reprehensible and can't be changed, so reprehensible in fact that they feel they're not worth anything. People with severe depression often beat themselves up too much and think of themselves as worthless. Unfortunately there are people who tend to agree with them, or make it worse by saying so even if the person never mentioned that that was how they actually felt about themselves.

    Depression, even severe depression can be reduced or even prevented if the symptoms are caught early enough. It can also be helped if someone is watching out for them so that they can get that person the help they need and require. Sometimes they only need someone to listen, without judging them to feel even marginally better about themselves and about life.

Is Severe Depression worse than other Types of Depression?

    It depends on how one looks at it. Severe depression can be as bad as other forms of depression, or worse. Those who are mildly depressed might not think of suicide quite as often, they might be able to pull themselves out of bed more and get on with the day. That doesn't mean that mild depression is healthier than severe depression, because its not. Every form of depression is just as bad as the next.

Severe Depression

Is Severe Depression My Fault?

    No, severe depression is never anyone's fault. Not the person who has it and not the people around them. It's the events and environment which surround them. Some people will get depressed after losing a beloved pet and it will last longer than a month, some people wont be depressed for more than a few days. Some people will get severe depression over a small loss. Sure they'll still miss their beloved pet, but the loss of their pet doesn't take weeks, months or even a year to get over. Everyone reacts in different ways to the same stimuli as someone else. It's what makes us all different, all unique.

Can Therapy Help Severe Depression?

    Therapy can help with severe depression. However, it would all depend on the therapist. Some therapists do their job well and they never appear to judge. Some therapists however don't do such a great job and they fail to make their patient feel as though they're not being judged, but instead are talking things through that will help them. This is done by setting goals and working towards those goals, not being told that they're lazy because they're not out looking for work. Even if a therapist doesn't say it directly about that patient it might make the patient feel uneasy, because their severe depression has either kept them from getting a job or has resulted in the loss of their job. Depression can be overcome.

A List of Symptoms to watch out for, for Severe Depression

    There are a number of severe depression symptoms. These symptoms should be looked for whenever something bad happens to a friend, student, family member or anyone in general. Taking note of these severe depression symptoms might help to save a life or even more than one life.

  •    Melancholia – Melancholia has to do with profound sadness. Profound sadness can turn into profound depression. Milder depressions can turn into more severe forms such as severe depression. Sometimes melancholia might not even come from an actual source, its just how the person feels. There are people who feel melancholy for no known reason even to themselves.

  •     Physical signs and symptoms – Some symptoms are physical and can be more easily detected, because even a sad person can fake a smile. One might take note that someone looks as though they're not getting enough sleep and lack of sleep is a symptom of severe depression. Another physical sign is a disruption in ones appetite. Were one to watch another carefully for signs and symptoms, taking note of how much and how often or not an individual eats (unless they're actually on a doctor recommended diet) it can be another red flag.

         An individual with poor concentration and memory can also be a physical sign and symptom relating to severe depression. Of course one needs to consider in other factors as there are other things like ADHD and Alzheimer's which can be linked to poor concentration and/or memory loss. One other physical sign or symptom of severe depression can be linked to loss of interest in intercourse.

  •    Psychomotor Retardation – Sometimes depression, particularity severe depression can cause noticeable slowing of both mental and physical activity. When someone doesn't care about life, because they're too sad, too much in pain whether it stems from the physical, emotional or mental the person will stop doing things. They'll stop thinking and might only stare ahead of themselves, they'll also stop getting up out of bed or out of a chair.

  •    Psychotic Symptoms – These are the types of symptoms which usually include delusions and hallucinations. Typically psychotic symptoms suggest a break from reality.

  •    Risk of Suicide – Perhaps the most deadly to the person with depression, be it severe or otherwise. Just the thought of suicide should be enough to lead one to think they need help.   

          They might not seek help out themselves however and instead might tell someone close to them how they feel. If you know someone who sounds like they want to leave the world, you might try the suicide hotline or talking to someone else like a professional and getting your friend or family member help. Usually one will know if someone wants to commit suicide or are at least thinking about it, because that person will talk about wanting to die or making threats to kill themselves in an explicit manner.

         Even if you think someones joking, its no joking matter. Get them help. Its better to be safe than to later be sorry, because you never know, one day someone crying wolf, might not be crying it anymore, but actually meaning it.