The Silva Method

Over the years I have studied many products and read countless books relating to self-improvement. It wasn't until recently however that I was introduced to the Silva Method.

I recalled having once read a book which I which I managed to find lying around in my hard drive called "The Silva Mind Control Method for Mental Dynamics". This was an amazing publication which identified and combined a series of brain training exercises and meditation, self-hypnosis techniques to help increase a person's state of awareness.

The course was initially invented by a guy called Jose Silva. Jose was an electronic repairman although he was always researching and showed an interest in psychology. Initially Jose had developed the "Silva Method" to increase the IQ of his children but after nearly 20 years it was officially made available to the public.

Since the release of the initial publications the Silva Method has had a major overhaul and delivers coaching in digital format to clients from all corners of the globe. Now we have a better grounding on the Silva Method let's discuss what it actually does.

What does it do?

The primary emphasis within the course is to increase a person's state of consciousness and boost their IQ. It encompasses a series of meditation, self-hypnosis, mind power, positive, thinking, visualization and various other techniques to increase a persons mental and physical well-being.

Does it work?

I believe any life changing outcomes are derived only from ourselves! The Silva Method is a tool that can help guide you but you must first desire for change to take place and be willing to work towards it.

It bares the traits of both science and spiritual based practices so you need to keep an open mind. With continued use and regular practice you will definitely see some positive changes, scientists say that each habit alone takes roughly 4 weeks to change so a little patience is required.

What I liked

I liked the way the coaching was delivered and the whole concept behind the Silva Method. It combines a series of powerful self-help practices and delivers them in one easy to manage course.

The sessions (videos, audio) can leave you feeling inspired and ready to take action. We all need a reminder and a boost from time to time to stop moping around and make our dreams a reality and whacking on one of the Silva Method sessions is agreat way to get motivated and inspired.

What I didn't like

Although there is a community to take part in it would be good to see clients interacting one on one more and sharing their stories. Having accountability partners and tracking progress is a great way to make sure we stay on track and would be a great extra to the training.

The Silva Mind Control Method for Mental Dynamics