Scholarships For People With Diabetes Type 1 or 2

There is a silver lining

When the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed and signed into law most of the categories were clearly defined.  Not so in the case of people with diabetes.  It was a grey area that left open to determination by insurance companies etc. whether or not they would declare anyone with this crippling disease as disabled.

This situation still is the norm rather than the exception.  However there are institutions of higher learning that do recognize diabetes as a disability and therefore honor scholarships for students requiring financial assistance.

Listed here are some foundations that recognize diabetes as a legitimate handicap and are currently offering scholarships:

The Diabetes Scholars Foundation of Palatine, Illinois.  Requirements are stringent and must be met to the letter for consideration.

You Must:

A.     Complete a scholarship application which cannot be handwritten.

B.     Provide a Birth Certificate or Proof of Residency

C.     Provide in a sealed envelope a letter of recommendation from your physician.

D.     Provide in a sealed envelope a letter of recommendation from high school teacher, counselor     signed by them.

E.      Provide your most recent high school transcript with GPA

F.      Write a personal essay.

G.     Provide a recent photograph (preferably school picture.)

H.     Submit a release of health information statement.

Seneca Diabetes Foundation of Irving, New York .

Application can be obtained from their offices at TIS Building 12837, Route #438, Irving , New York .

Qualifications are similar to those listed above as are most all scholarship applications.  When in doubt, fill it out providing all the information you have.  If you have questions about the process simply contact the administrator of the foundation for complete details.

 The Diabetes Hope Foundation of Ontario, Canada .  This foundation has specific requirements and they are as follows:

A.                 You must be a resident of Ontario, Canada

B.                 Must have been born between 1992 and 1993

C.                 Must have diabetes type 1 or 2 and be able to submit a letter of endorsement from your physician.

 Novo Nordisk and Billie Jean King provide scholarships in the amount of $5,000.00 each.  The requirements are as follows:

A.                 Must have been formally diagnosed with a type of diabetes and have lived with it since childhood.

B.                 Applicants must be between the ages of 12 to 21 and further must play tennis competitively for either their school or in tournaments.

Being diagnosed with diabetes is not normally seen a positive thing.  However the silver lining is that now many foundations offer scholarships to those that qualify.  It might not be much in the way of comfort but it most certainly is better than nothing.

Simply because you have a form of diabetes doesn’t mean that you should lie down, give up and cease to pursue your goals.  People diagnosed with diabetes can and do live long and purposeful lives.