The Simple Diet-Said To Be One Of The Best Weight Loss Programs

Dr. James Anderson, M.D., author of "The Simple Diet-A Doctor's Science Based Plan," says you can lose 50 lbs in 12 weeks by following his weight loss program.  Dr. Anderson says you won't need to get expensive bariatric surgery, go to a weight loss spa or take weight loss drugs-all you have to do is use his plan.

Dr. James W. Anderson, M.D. has published over 350 scientific studies and is the founder of Obesity Research Network. He resides in Kentucky where he is a professor of medicine at the University of Kentucky,  and he is also a review of very prestigious medical journals. 

According to his book, "The Simple Diet-A Doctor's Science Based Plan," you can lose that weight quickly, effectively, easily and permanently.  He says that you don't have to count, or measure or worry about every little morsel you put into your system.

According to writings on Dr. Anderson's Nutrition Plan, it is said to:

  • Lower cholesterol, high blood pressure, and high blood sugar.
  • Reverse type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and other obesity-related health conditions.
  • Decrease your risk for type 2 diabetes and its related consequences.
  • Eliminate the need for dangerous (and expensive) gastric bypass surgery.
  • Help you feel better about yourself and enjoy your life!

    Best of all, you can use prepared foods that are easy to find in the supermarket. There's no calorie counting. No measuring. No guesswork. And if you stick with this easy-to-follow plan-as thousands of people already have-there's a nearly foolproof guarantee of success.

According to Dr. Anderson, the Simple Diet is based on the simple science of meal replacements.  By carefully eating pre-porportioned shakes, entrees, fruit, veggies and some packaged foods, you can lose the weight in a simple, yet very effective manner without stressing the mind or the body.

In his book. Dr. Anderson talks about the difference between very low-calorie diets (VLCD) and low calorie diets-between 800 and 12oo calories daily (LCD) and how he uses both in his hospital-style diet plan to help patients lose weight.

In one of his studies, he took 118 people who were overweight. The average weight among those 118 people was 352 lbs, according to "The Simple Diet."  Over a 44 week period of following Dr. Anderson's plan, the average weight loss of those 118 people was 134 lbs.

Assessment of "The Simple Diet"

The Simple Diet strikes me as another calorie restriction diet.  It is designed to reduce the amount of calories you take in on a daily basis.  Weight gain may be due to other health problems, heredity or even emotional/psychological issues and medication you take, however, for the most part-it is because you eat too many calories daily.  The best way to lose the weight is to reduce the amount of calories you eat daily.

However, having saying that, there is a safe way to lose weight that may take longer and may include some exercise like walking.  The Mayo Clinic and Other Medical establishments say that the safest way to lose weight is by decreasing your daily caloric intake by 500 calories or your weekly caloric intake by 35oo calories. This allows you to lose 1 lbs per week.  They also say it is safe for you to reduce your daily caloric intake by 1000 calories or your weekly caloric intake by 7000 calories in order to lose 2 lbs per week.  Anything more than that, and they suggest you do it under your doctor's supervision.

The drastic calorie reductions talked about in "The Simple Diet" would, in my opinion warrant a doctor's supervision.  When you are used to eating 3000 calories daily to suddenly drop your daily calories to 1000 or even 800 calories daily may not be good for the body in the long-run and may not be safe for you to do unless you are under a doctor's supervision.  The results from the tests in this book, were from patients who were under a doctor's supervision so they could be monitored for drastic health changes. Also, many of these drastic calorie resticting diet plans end up making you feel hungry and unfulfilled because the portions are so small.  The great thing about any diet plan is that you can pack up on the veggies and fruit to help you feel more satisfied between meals.

Be very careful when you try diets that involve dramatic changes in your daily calorie intake or severe calorie restriction diets.  Ideally, you should go about weight loss and calorie reduction by calculating the numbers more accurately, and then designing a weight loss program that works best for you, your body and your schedule.


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