If you decide to make your VOIP provider your primary telephone service you can upgrade your entire home by simply installing a VOIP adapter. A VOIP Adapter is an adapter that converts your old analog phone's signal into a digital signal that can travel over you IP service providers lines. If you have several phone jacks throughout your house there's no need to replace them all you just need on VOIP Adapter. One VOIP adapter can be installed and convert your entire phone line system over to VOIP.

In your home there is generally just one primary phone line. This is where the VOIP adapter will be installed. This phone line is spliced off to all of the other phone jacks located throughout your entire house so installing the VOIP adapter at this location will in turn convert all of your traditional analog phone jacks into VOIP phone lines. You first step is to locate you incoming main phone line. Usually you main phone line would be located somewhere in the garage, pantry room, or main closet of your home or apartment.

Once your main phone line is located there is usually a junction box that splits your phone line to all the connecting jacks. This is where you can install your VOIP adapter. You just replace the incoming single line with a line that will run into the VOIP adapter. If you are unable to find a junction box you can simply cut the phone line and splice on an RJ11 connector to the end that runs into the rest of your home.

Usually the VOIP adapter will have a minimum of 2 ports. One port is for the incoming phone line (RJ11 connection) and the other for the outgoing Ethernet cable. The next step is to simply connect the phone line from your junction box (or the spliced line you connected the RJ11 connector) to the corresponding port in the VOIP adapter. This step connects all of your home's phone lines into the VOIP Adapter. In essence it's just replacing the phone line that goes out to the telephone pole to a line that runs to your internet lines.

The last step is to simply connect your Ethernet cable from your modem or router directly into the corresponding port in your VOIP adapter. This will bridge the connection from all of you preinstalled phone jacks, through the VOIP adapter, and into your modem or router to fully connect all of your existing phones to your VOIP phone service.

Installing a VOIP adapter is a lot easier than it seems. You're basically just disconnecting your phone line from the telephone pole and connecting it to your internet. It's the same idea as unplugging your TV antenna and plugging in a cable line. As the popularity of VOIP service grows, so does the amount of amount of VOIP adapters available on the market. If you're unsure what type of VOIP adapter to use simply visit your local electronic or home improvement store. You can even contact your potential (or current) VOIP service provider directly to see if they can recommend a VOIP adapter specifically for your needs. Some VOIP service providers may even provide you with a VOIP adapter.