For any one who can remember the first Simpsons shorts airing on The Tracey Ullman Show, the Simpsons will always have a special place.

If you are familiar with the Simpsons today , but haven't seen the first season, you will be surprised at how different it was in the beginning.

The characters look different and even the voices have not been perfected yet. The family have not yet found they're roles in the family as Homer is the voice of reason whilst Lisa is unruly and misbehaved. In later seasons the tables are somewhat turned.

Here is an episode guide of the first season:

Episode 1 - Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire (The Simpsons Christmas Special)

Bart got a tattoo and thought it would make a great Christmas present. Marge decides to spend the Christmas savings to erase the tattoo, not realising that Mr. Burns cut the Christmas bonuses. Homer hides the fact that he did not receive a Christmas bonus by taking a second job as a store Santa.

Episode 2 - Bart the Genius

When the class takes an IQ test, Bart switches tests with Martin. Bart and his parents are called into Mr. Skinner's office and told that Bart is gifted and needs to go to a school for gifted children. Bart tries to fit in at the new school, with little success.

Episode 3 - Homer's Odessey

Homer causes yet another accident at the nuclear plant and is fired for his incompetence. Homer decides to commit suicide, but sees the light and decides to become a safety activist. Homer, the safety activist, soon goes after the plant that fired him.

Episode 4 - There is no Disgrace Like Home

At a recent company picnic, Homer sees Mr. Burns is drawn to a family that treats each other with the love and respect a family should. Homer decides to turn his family into a respectable family pawning the television and going to a psychiatrist advertised on television for family therapy.

Episode 5 - Bart the General

Bart defends Lisa against some bully's and accidentally gives Nelson a bloody nose. Nelson promises to get Bart after school. Whilst Bart gets advice from Homer and Grampa Simpson, he meets Herman who helps him and other bullied kids to rage war against Nelson and the other bullies.

Episode 6 - Moaning Lisa

Lisa wakes up one morning with the blues. Nobody understands her feelings. Feeling alone and rejected she practices her fingering silently on her saxophone when she hears a saxophone in the distance. She disappears through her window and finds "Bleeding Gums" Murphy playing the blues. She joins him, but Marge soon after picks her up.

Episode 7 - Call of the Simpsons

Flanders creates jealousy in Homer when he sees Flanders new RV. Homer decides to buy his own, but can only afford a second hand RV. The family have an accident, gets separated and lost. Homer gets mistaken for Bigfoot.

Episode 8 - The Telltale Head

Bart cuts off the head of the statue of Jebediah Springfield, founder of Springfield to impress some friends. The crime shocks Springfield and Bart's conscience is confronted by the headless statue.

Episode 9 - Life on the fast lane

Marge receives a bowling ball from Homer that Homer intended for himself. Marge decides that she will not give Homer the ball and will learn to bowl. She meets Jacques, a French bowling instructor, who romances Marge. Marge neglects to tell Jacques that she is married.

Episode 10 - Homer's Night Out

Bart takes a picture of Homer dancing with a stripper at a bachelor party. The picture is distributed between friends until the whole town has a copy. Marge discovers it is Homer in the picture and Bart reveals that he took the picture. Homer is kicked out and sleeps over at Barney's place.

Episode 11 - The Crepes of Wrath

Bart flushes a cherry bomb down a school toilet and is sent to France via a student exchange program. Bart arrives in France and is held by crooks who force Bart to work hard labour for them. Adil Hoxha, an Albanian exchange student comes to live with the Simpson family, but is no normal kid. Adil is actually a spy.

Episode 12 - Krusty Gets Busted

Homer witnesses a man resembling Krusty, robbing the Kwik-E-Mart at gun point. The police arrest Krusty and Bart and Lisa sets out to unravel the true mystery behind the crime.

Episode 13 - Some Enchanted Evening

Homer overhears a radio show where Marge called in to Dr. Marvin Monroe's radio therapy show. Marge shares with the Dr. Monroe that her marriage is failing. Homer decides to take Marge out for dinner and a night at a motel. Marge gets a babysitter, not realising that the babysitter is "The Babysitter Bandit".