I remember the old days when the Simpsons was the King of TV. Back when it first came out, the Simpsons was one of the most ground breaking shows on TV. Now it has become corny and cheesy. I remember when I emulated Bart Simpson as a free spirit but now he has become a spoiled brat with not much intelligence. The line between the personalities has solidified. Lisa is the smart one, Marge the dependable one, Homer the buffoon and Bart the troublemaker.

Back in the day, Bart was a real character. He was a naughty kid who every little boy could identify with. As the primary audience of the show when it first began – preteens and teens, grew up and started families of their own, the theme of the show changed as well. The show slowly started focusing on Homer's silly antics.

I enjoyed Homer's goofball attitude but the show lost me when they started focusing on Homer and Marge's marital problems. Now I understand where the show is coming from. They need to appeal to their aging audience as well as female viewers. But the corniness of the whole thing is inescapable. Every other show now features Homer messing up as a Husband and Marge patiently putting up with his shenanigans. We are made to sympathize with her until eventually Homer comes back to his senses and makes a sad emotional speech at the end of the show.

But if you look at some other shows that are brought to you by the creators of the Simpsons such as Futurama, you will notice a similar theme. Bender the Robot plays the crass comic character in Futurama whereas Fry and Leela have their silly romance.

That show is also about getting a nice mix of comedy and romance but it misses the point. If people wanted to watch romance and corn in their programming they would turn to other teen drama shows that are a dime a dozen on TV. What people want from their animated comedies is simply fresh writing, humor and social commentary. What they don't want is Drama and that is what the Simpsons wants to keep jamming down our throats.

Keep this up and the Simpsons will be competing directly with the mushy sweet garbage that is regularly seen on channels such as the WB. And if the Simpsons does not change then it won't be long before it loses its prime time TV spot.

TV is definitely not what it used to be and I feel that Simpsons is just about floundering right now. It has its loyal fans, that is true but I don't see it getting new fans. I don't see young kids watching Simpsons anymore. Most of them go towards other animated series such as Family Guy and South Park because these are more intelligent, edgy and humorous. People have a strong sense of the cliché and the Simpsons has been assaulting that sense for a few years now. It is time to put Homer Simpson and the gang out of their misery.