It is more of a Woo-hoo sound coming from Fox Television recently rather than a huge D’oh! Probably the most prolific cartoon of all time, The Simpsons has been commissioned for two more series after a rather worrying pay dispute gripped the programme between bosses at Fox and the voice actors on the show.

Those who provide the instantly recognisable voices of The Simpsons family and other cast members (pictured below) were recently asked to take a 45 percent pay cut to their $8 million salaries. Following the request the show seemed to be in turmoil after the actors rejected the proposed pay cuts and were only willing to take a 30 percent cut.

The cartoon, which has now been running for a staggering 22 years and producing a collection of 488 episodes, is a brand that Fox Television will surely want to keep hold of. Further disputes arose between Fox and the cast over merchandise sales of items such as DVD’s, gifts, clothing and many more items that rake in billions of dollars yearly for the broadcaster. It was reported that the cast members involved with pay disputes were willing to take large wage cuts if it meant they could secure a slice of the money generated from merchandise sales. However, it appeared that Fox remained staunch on the pre-existing clause that states none of the cast members get money generated from the shows merchandise sales.


In a deal that looks like it has benefitted Fox more so than the actors involved the final deal between the two hasn’t been revealed to the public. It is thought that the actors will have took around a 30 percent pay cut, which, may seem drastic but still means each of them will receive about  $300,000 per episode. Viewers can perhaps now expect even more jokes from the Simpsons characters about the Fox network which have continuously cropped up over the years.