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For over twenty years America's favorite dysfunctional family, The Simpsons, has entertained us weekly with their wacky adventures. The popularity of this show is tremendous. In the nineteen nineties  a brand of t-shirts with the characters printed on them was released. The shirts became a hot item and if you were popular you had to be seen in one. Now the hype continues in the form of an app game called The Simpsons Tapped Out.

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D'OH...Homer destroys Springfield

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Perhaps everyone knew that eventually he would be the one to wipe the town off the map. Before you can get to any actually game play, you are introduced to Homer playing a game on his my pad at work. He becomes very involved in his game and causes a mishap that blows up Springfield. It is now your job to rebuild the town and make it better than before. You will be able to build roads, plant trees, dig rivers, purchase land, decorate with miscellaneous items, and construct buildings. Doing this will encourage the citizens that fled, to return.  

Lets Start

If you have ever played Sim City, Roller Coaster Tycoon, or any other construction type game, you should know that Tapped Out follows the same concept.

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 Players must go through a tutorial to begin . At this point Homer is the only character that is accessible. After you construct the Simpsons' home, Lisa becomes available. With Lisa's help, your must remove debris from the surrounding area to build the Kwik-E-Mart and The Flanders' house.Once that is completed, Apu and Ned will appear. Basically every time you construct a new building, a character associated with it will appear. The tutorial continues until you advance a few levels. During this time buildings are only allowed to be placed in predetermined locations. So for example when constructing The Flanders' home, it has to go next to The Simpsons. Once the tutorial is completed you can build anywhere you want. All previous constructed buildings can be moved to new locations. If you want to move The Flanders away from The Simpsons or move Moe's tavern next to the Power Plant, then go ahead.

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Just like any real world developer, you will need money to build the Springfield of your dreams. Every building constructed will generate an income tax that you can collect and add to your bank. Buildings will generate this at different time periods. We will discuss time in detail a little later. Collecting the income tax will also give you experience which allows you to advance to the next level. A money logo will appear above buildings when taxes are ready to be collected.Task SheetCredit: GoogleAssigning tasks for characters to complete is another way to gain money and experience. Each character has a task sheet that is catered to their persona. For example Lisa's task sheet will include some activities such as : read a book, do next week's homework, and go to school. When a task is completed  you will also see a thumbs up icon above the character.DonutsCredit: GoogleCurrency also comes in the form of Homer's favorite snacks, donuts. You can get them when leveling up or cleaning away debris. You can also acquire them from mystery boxes or from purchasing them (with real money) from the app store.

Watching The ClockBuilding TimeCredit: Google Whenever you assign a task to a character or construct a building, it will take real-time to complete. Ordering Lisa to babysit the young Flanders will take her eight hours to complete. Every building in the game will take a different amount of time to be constructed, some might take ten minutes while others may take twenty-four hours. 

Donuts can also be used to speed up task or construction completion time. If a building takes eight hours to complete, having enough donuts can reduce those hours to seconds.

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Lead, Supporting, and Cameo The show has introduced us to a lot characters in its many years on television. The game takes advantage of this and includes all of them. Characters such as Side Show Bob, Fat Tony, and even the Crazy Cat Lady will all be part of your town. 

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Players can create a game I.D through EA's Origin, this allows players to connect with friends and visit their Springfield. You can collect money from your friend's creations and perform other tasks once every twenty-four hours.

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If you are a big fan or even if you are not, The Simpsons Tapped Out is worth the play time. Striving to create the best Springfield can become a bit addictive but it is fun for the entire family. The game is free and can be downloaded for all smartphones and tablets. 

So what are you waiting for? Download it and start building your Springfield. 

Here is a hidden secret for all you new players, while Homer is doing an out-door task, click on him ten times in a row. Doing this will give you ten free donuts and the statue of Jebediah Springfield.




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