The Simpsons

The Simpsons versus Family Guy is a question that will take some research to answer. Right from the start of this long lasting animated comedy parody, people fell in love with Homer Simpson. This happy go lucky cartoon man, grabbed the hearts of blue collar workers across the nation.

Marge became every body's favorite stay at home mom. Her days are filled with the normal routine of a housewife. The kids take up most of her time, huh, almost like in real life. When doesn't comedy imitate life?

Speaking of kids, everyone loves to hate Bart. He's a little devil with a heart. Mean to most but not to the core. Often showing compassion when not expected. The prodigy Lisa, taking on the world as an activist, gets to those who tend to wander in this direction.

And then we have Maggie, the actual star of the show. This little non speaking actress can convey comedy without uttering a single word. Getting more air time then her siblings or parents, Maggie is to people what they imagine their own children to be thinking.

This is the family that first brought us loose plutonium and incompetence within the nuclear industry. Not necessarily a humorous topic, But yet we laugh. Just goes to show, that stupidity can be funny.

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Family guy (30335)Then we have Family Guy. This blue collar family came along a bit later. Sporting a self proclaimed retarded dad (Peter) and a maniacal genius baby (Stew)who does talk, they have also tickled the funny bones of Americans.

This cartoon pop has every wife in America, appreciating her husband for all that he's not. After watching Peter's shenanigans, they're all treasures.

Lois is a dream wife for most American husbands. She loves her crazy husband no matter what he does. The two of them agree on nothing and yet they seem to belong together. This sounds a lot like many couples in America today.

The children in this family also help to make our kids look great and this may be some of the appeal for this show. No ones children are as dumb as Chris, or as evil as little Stewie. The third child for some reason, none can recall her name.

And then there's Brian, a talking dog who looks suspiciously like Snoopy. Why he can talk is never explained. Quite intelligent and most of the time being the only voice of reason, this dog seems to collect peoples imagination and become believable.

So in the end the question is, Which show is better? Longevity defiantly goes to The Simpsons. They were here first so Homer's the Oldest. Give Family Guy the pet win for the brilliant canine, and the kids are a wash. After this article is all said and done, the choice is now the viewers. I'd love to hear back with opinions.

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