Sim Social is the newest application

The Sims are one of the most beloved virtual lifestyle games created.  They allow the character to develop friendships. Daily visits to friends homes help build these relationships.   The Sim character has needs that the player should address such as eating, sleeping and personal hygiene. 

The Sim also will ask for social contact with the others in their neighborhood.  When the player creates the account, their Facebook friends will be available for Sim interaction.  With sharing news events and requesting objects, the Sims will reach out to the player and the players friends. 

August brought this fun game live on Facebook. Based on the thousands of Facebook members clicking like on the fan page, it is a hit.  The creators dole out special gifts to these fans.  Announcements come out on the news feed and encourage a visit to the fan page to pick up the latest gift of experience, social rewards or newly designed furniture to place in the Sim's home. 


Game Play

Sim at Home

Tips and Tricks

Upon accessing the application on Facebook, the player begins to create the desired personality and clothing style for the Sim. Choosing the personality begins the process which includes hair style and color as well as facial features. 

Clothing is available at no charge in the beginning as the player makes the unique look for this new character.  Selecting shoes, pants shirts, bathing suits and other clothing items are all part of the start-up process.  The time to choose a name is at hand.   The character will have a name assigned, but that name  is changeable to one that is more desirable.  

Once the character chooses their clothes and named, they are able to enter the game.  Game play starts with the arrival of their own home.   The Sim upon start-up has a bed, bathroom, kitchen and several appliances which will make the character feel more at home.  Unpacking the items will encourage activities for the new Sim. 

Across the bottom of the screen all the available neighborhood Sims will appear. These neighbors will offer the social activity which will keep the Sim happy and entertained.  By visiting these neighbors, the Sim will create friendships, romances and even perhaps some enemies. 

Decorating a Sim home

During game play, characters will offer quests with payments and bonuses upon completion. Several quests are active during the same time period.  These quests will steer the Sim into career opportunities, romance opportunities and  entertainment opportunities.  Following the quest line opens up more social activities. They are also fun and meant to encourage friend participation. 


Making money allows the Sim to buy more household items such as furniture, game systems, lawn and garden decor and home design improvements. Spending the social points on furniture and household items will stretch the characters budget. With each purchases, the value of the Sim's home increases.  


Upgrading the house is an option as is purchasing more land.  These again will increase the value of the home and move the sim closer to the front of the friends list.  Allowing for the Sim's personality to come out in the decorating of the house makes for more fun and individualized game play.  Storage is available for unused items allowing for freedom in the decorating of the house. 


Cutting the grass and maintaining the lawn is an excellent method to make money and increase skill levels.  

Crafting will give special items which can improve the Sim's energy.  Many of the crafted items will be useful in the leveling process.  

Cooking, music and writing skills will offer money for the sim. When an inspired period arrives, the creative Sim receives  bonus simoleans. 

Sims are Fun

When visiting the Sim Social page on Facebook, the player has access to several specials that are only available to the fans. This page includes names of people who are looking for more neighbors.  

The special free items that are given out on the fan page will add value to the sims home.  The attention to detail in this game provides loads of fun for the players.