If you have a client in your salon and they’re finished with their appointment, you then have a perfect chance to create a big impression. You can say thank you, hand them their change and wave good bye, or perhaps you can do something which will not only impress them, it will help your business.

Don’t watch them leave empty handed. Give them information that is definitely both best for them and your business. Here are 6 simple ideas for things you can hand clients on their way out.

1. Particulars on your referral program.
Inform them when they tell someone about their visit to your salon, there is something in it for them.

2. A written report on why she should get her hair done ever 6-8 weeks.
You’ll be informing your client with valuable information that can help them take better care of their hair. On top of their appreciation you’ll earn more business from them thanks to more frequent visits.

3. Details on your color and highlight options.
Reveal to them that not every color is created equal and whatever you have to offer is the best. Take the opportunity to promote a number of your premium services and your clients will start to take serious notice.

4. Styling and beauty secrets.
Every woman loves a beauty secret. Give them a written report on a few of your gems. They’ll love you for helping them look and feel a lot better, and you’ll make sure they know your the go to expert for many their beauty needs.

5. A personalize product profile.
Come up with a custom profile of what products will continue to work best for them and their look. This is usually a great way to promote your products and explain some great benefits of buying them from you.

6. A written report about the advantages of the services you provide.
Explain the things they can expect to get out of the services you provide. Because you may already know, people only want to know whats in it for them. Hand them a report that will outline your services and everything they might anticipate to gain from them. They’ll earn a completely new respect for what you are offering and they’ll only want to get it from you. You become their expert.

If you are only going to give your client one thing, ensure it is your referral program details. You always want to encourage your clients to mention your salon. This alone can give you an instantaneous boost of brand new salon clients.

Don’t be worried about being a bother. Ever heard the phrase “ the squeaky wheel gets the grease”? Well its true, nothing will happen if you don’t make an attempt to enhance your business.

So many salons will lose out on this enormous opportunity. Its a great way to solidify your relationship with clients and stay ahead of other salons.