There is nothing more joyous than having a first baby. But what about the mom who fears breastfeeding and does not want to do it? Should she be scorned? In the old days giving babies formula was the norm and only women who worked during the day at a job breastfed their babies. Today it is fashionable to breastfeed and women even do it in public. Still, some women fear the process and that is normal for any new mom who does it for the first time. There are many ways to allay that fear and keep an open mind. You carried a baby under your heart for nine months; breastfeeding will take only a week to get used to having your gorgeous infant suck at your breast. 



Helpful hints – Read books on breast-feeding and study the techniques. Going online is very helpful when you read about other new moms who have done it. It need not be a fearful event unless you make it so. You can attend classes for new moms on how to do it. Some women only have a few days of sore nipples and discomfort and others might take a bit longer. Support helps in these beginning stages and it is good to be among family and friends. In no time you will lose your shyness and see that your fears are groundless.


Advantages of breast-feeding are many. When you breast-feed your baby you bond with your child. It is mom and the baby’s personal time together. There is nothing like holding a new baby in your arms for the first time. Breastfeeding your little girl will give her more nutrition and protect her from infection. Ideally, you should start in the delivery room where there are people around you who can help.  A new baby in the house also brings change in the new environment. You are a family now.

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How to breastfeed – Hold the baby close to your chest. Touch her upper lip with your nipple and let her get used to it. Position her mouth on your breast. The instinct to connect with the breast is instinctive; very much like a lioness who nurses her cubs. It might take a few times to connect and get right but she will. Don’t stress if she does not feed enough; she will feed in small amounts and in her own time. She will howl if she is hungry. It might also be worth it to watch a video where a lactation consultant helps a new mom. For a premature baby you will have to start pumping milk beforehand as she will receive it through a tube. Do not worry about how much or how little she feeds; she will let you know with her screams.