A Match made in Heaven

My nana when she got older, became quite forgetful and began to use a lot of slang to cover up the lapses in langauge due to forgetfulness. We all realised that she was not going too well, when one day while telling an anecdote about a neighbour from up the road, she said: 'that silly old  joker gave me the whatcha ma call it .....you know the thingy me gig? and told me to give it to what's his name?' We all looked puzzled, which is saying something, because those in the room were all from North Queensland and generally North Queenslander's take to slang,  the same way a baby takes to its mother's milk.

Slang is interesting, my nana may have used slang in her forgetful years, but most of us use it with gay abandon.... well abandon anyhow. Slang, or speaking in the vernacular, is simply a very comfortable way to talk to your friends, family, or people you know well. You probably wouldn't use slang if you met the queen, (although, if I did, I might, as I am generally a renegade) and the boss  likes to keep colloquialisms out of the office, "It's not professional".

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My cousin Geoffrey, recently fell in love with a "delicious red-head" and the relos have been discussing the blossoming affair non-stop, which has made me think about all the slang involved in the evolution of an affair of the heart. For example, Geoffrey goes out one saturday night and meets, she of the scarlet locks. Soon,  he is telling anyone who will listen (even the dog), how he "fancies the pants off this women", "has a major crush" and how he "made a move" on her and "went to chat her up" - It's like another language! A couple of weeks later, ole Geoff is booming on about how he and lover girl "get on like a house on fire"and how she has "stolen his heart"(oooh!). He reckons things are "getting serious", but everybody else is getting pretty tired of the love struck pair constantly mooning and whispering sweet nothings to each other.

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Time tangos along and then Geoff bails me up one afternoon, hiting me with the fact, that pretty soon he is going to "get down on one knee", so he can "pop the question". "After I ask for her hand in marriage", he says " I will no longer be able to play the field because when you find your better half and get hitched, you can no longer have a roving eye". At this point I screamed and hit my head against the garage wall. Geoff merely said "don't worry you and hubby will weather the storm, because you have been together through thick and thin" ( I was only complaining about how his mother rings him three times a day!).

Hubby then puts his head around the corner and claps Geoff on the back, man style and says " I hear you love birds are going for the life sentence. You pair were made for each other".

I could hear no more, but ran and jumped fully clothed into the swimming pool and swum 10 laps without stopping, which is evidence that slang, when combined with love, can drive a person crazy  (namely me). However, I am recovering with the aid of a block of dark chocolate every after noon at 4 0 clock.