You might have seen ads in magazine or papers for the smart life cookie diet. The advertising is everywhere. There are testimonials of people losing dozens if not hundreds of pounds in the period of a few weeks. The pictures look amazing. But one has to think: can eating cookies really help you lose weight? This is very contrary to common-sense as cookies are typically seen as something to avoid if you are dieting. Is it possible to have your lunch and eat it to?

It is very important to do diet research before undertaking it. There is a lot of bad information out there. Much is based on rumors and/or good marketing. If you use an ineffective diet, you will not only be wasting your money but also important your time. If you are aiming to lose weight for an event (say a Wedding or the beach during the Summer), wasting your time on a bad diet may make you miss your goal.

So what does the cookie diet exactly entail? The cookies act as a meal-replacement. So instead of eating a meal you eat a cookie. They help suppress your appetite. For those concerned about unnatural substances in their food, don't worry. The cookies are all-natural and don't have any toxins or preservatives. This is a great benefit because many diet products have chemicals in them that scientists might not know the long term implications of. The fact that is all-natural is a great relief in that regard.

Many diets are quite expensive. They require buying "miracle pills" with rare herbs or substances and cost a lot of money. The smart life cookie diet is great for two reasons. First, the cookies are fairly inexpensive. A day's worth of cookies cost less than $10. But what makes the diet easy on the wallet is the fact that it replaces meals. So you will not have to buy groceries any more. Many people spend $10 on just lunch, so going on the cookie diet could actually save you a great deal of money. The diet is also very convenient and time-saving. You will not have to worry anymore about going to the grocery store or cooking food.

The smart life cookie diet is a very interesting option. If you're planning for a diet you should seriously consider it. The fact that it is all-natural and fairly inexpensive are major advantages.