The Smartphone War- iPhone or Blackberry Bold

With cell phones dominating over our current society, they have become nearly a necessity for anybody to have; my grandmother is 84 and she knows how to text! With their list of capabilities and features growing longer it is easy to see why this trend is growing. There are a countless amount of cell phone brands and models on the market today, but most people tend to gravitate toward either a blackberry or an iPhone; having owned both I have had the ability to see that they are absolutely amazing devices! Some people are on the fence with this matter and cannot choose which one to buy. Hopefully this article will point out some of the benefits and downfalls of each phone so that you can have an easier time deciding which one to go with!

Screen Resolution

Both the iPhone and Blackberry Bold have screen resolutions of 480 x 320 making this round a tie. The screens produce text and images of amazing quality that are nearly incomparable to each other; you will be content with the screen resolution of either phone!

Screen Size

With the iPhones's screen measuring 3.5 inches across, and the Blackberry Bold's measuring 2.5, it is easy to see who the winner is. However, you must take into account that the iPhone is a touch screen device, meaning when the keyboard opens up on the screen, the view of the content is much smaller! But I would still vote the iPhone as the winner for this round because the viewing capability of the content will be much greater throughout the 70 percent of the time that the keyboard is hidden, and the viewing capability is nearly the same the other 30 percent of the time when the keyboard is showing. When you work it into an overall number, you will see more content, more often on the iPhone!

App Store Or App World

The iPhone's main way to get applications is through its app world; whereas, the Bold's way is through its app store. What's the difference you ask? The amount of applications that are downloadable makes up the winner of this round. The app store boasts a collection of over 65000 applications, while the Bold's app world has a mere 2000 applications. Both of these phones offer roughly the same downloads: games, productivity, eBooks, and various extensions to their factory parts; however, the selection difference is massive! Apple iPhone takes this round by a long shot!

Blackberry Messenger Or Ping Chat

The Bold boasts its PIN message ability through its legendary Blackberry Messenger; this is an application that allows blackberry owners to chat with each other exclusively through a data or wi-fi connection. The iPhone tried to compete with this by releasing an application that allowed exclusive chats between iPhone users called Ping Chat; this too uses a data or wi-fi connection. I have used both of these extensions frequently and I must say that although apple's attempt to compete with RIM's legendary "BBM" was quite good, they fell short of the important factors. What makes blackberry messenger so popular when it is essentially barely different from text messaging is its instant messenger feel; it allows the chats to feel more instant and like a chat, and less like texting and waiting for a reply. It is not the exclusivity to blackberry owners that bring its messenger millions of users, but the look and feel of it! Unfortunately Ping Chat fell short on this matter, and merely created an application that allowed iPhone owners to chat exclusively with each other. Blackberry's Bold took this round home for 1 point.

The GPS, camera, musical playback, and battery abilities of the phones are nearly identical and do not differ enough to be considered significant. Although there are many other differences of these two devices, I believe that these are the most important and significant for the comparison of them. I personally sold my Blackberry Bold to purchase an iPhone; however, the choice is ultimately up to you and should be based on which one suits your wants and needs.