If you are ever scared of social gatherings or speaking to people for no convincing reason, most likely you could be suffering from a disorder known as anxiety disorder. But have no fear since there is treatment for this condition.

Social anxiety is also referred to as social phobia, which is a type of mental condition where by the sufferer faces un-explainable or a severe fear of socializing with the thought of one might get ridiculed or embarrassed. Usually this anxiety comes from an increased fear of the sufferer being closely scrutinized or watched – from the normal things such as the wayone dresses, walk or talk; to critical work related functions like going through a job interview, talking in front of a huge crowd or presenting a report.  This fear makes the sufferer feel trapped or shut from the society.

It is said shyness id closely associated with the social anxiety condition. However, social anxiety is different because it disrupts the normal socializing aspects. It is normal for everyone to go through a phase of shyness in a life time, what matters is overcoming it.  When it reaches to a point that it affects your day to day life and relationshipsit’s time to look for help. It is important to be aware of the symptoms and signs of social phobia to assist in determining and treating this condition before it goes out of control.

Individuals with this condition manifest two types of symptoms: physical and emotional. The physical include: shaking or trembling, difficulty talking, blushing, nausea, profuse sweating, shaky voice, confusion, cold and diarrhea. The emotional include: worrying of humiliating or embarrassing yourself, fear of being judged, avoiding being center of attention and fear of being noticed.

People with this condition should not despair, since over the last twenty years, successful combination of medication and therapy has proven to be effective in limiting the effects of this condition.  Anti-depressants like Venlafaxine, Sertraline and Paroxetine have been administered to social phobic individuals to balance chemicals in their brain and reduce panic attacks in moments of increased anxiety. Therapy has been effective in helping people with social phobia in confronting their fears and knowing how to deal with them as they arise. So if you are facing this condition you need not be ashamed, what you need is help.